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Sicky getting well -- 2004-10-19
Food poisoning is the worse. I mention this because this past weekend I had a bout with food poisoning. I'll spare you the intimate details. Suffice to say Friday night was not a pleasant night for me AT ALL. Saturday either. Sunday was better, but I still felt pretty sore in my upper chest. Someone will have to explain that one to me. Nevertheless, I am quite happy to report that I'm feeling nearly 100% right now. I'm still a little sore, but less than yesterday.

Before the whole "eating the wrong thing" on happened on Friday I was so up in the air. I went on itunes and bought a bunch of songs that were growing old in my shopping bin. I had a sudden impulse for some new music on my iPod, and I bought about 20 songs. A couple of them I could have left in my shopping bin to collect some more dust. But, since it was on impulse, I didn't take enough care in picking the ones I wanted to buy. Dammit!

Either way, I'm enjoying the new music now. I've YET to have a really good chance to just CRANK the songs up full blast, but soon. My cousins, and Aunt, think that I'm going deaf because I like to play my music loud. Hey, some music just sounds great when it's cranked up to full blast, that's all. Of course, that sort of thing might make me lose my hearing in the long run. But who thinks of such things?

Hey, I'm just glad that I'm not sick any more.

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