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Get that tree up... Eventually -- 11.18.04
I know it's more than a month until Christmas, and not even Thanksgiving, but I've already started to put up the Christmas tree. Yeah, you read right, it's not even the end of November and my tree is already going up. I can't say that it's totally up, but the lights are strung up. I'm doing this thing SUPER slow, because I know that it will take me until Christmas to put it up. In other words, I'm getting a head start in order to make sure that it will be done on time. This, since I'm SUPER lazy right now.

Is being lazy a symptom of procrastination? Right now I have a bunch of things to do, but I'm not doing them. I rather just sit here staring at this screen. OK, just to get away from this lazy thing I'm going to stop writing this entry, and get up. I'll finish up this entry later.

(Two hours later)

Image Hosted by OK, I went and did some things. First on the list, paying the credit card bills. There they all are, pictured right. Six envelops/payments, one to Sears, one to Citibank, one to AT&T, one to Time Warner cable, one to American Express, and one to Chase Manhattan. Whew, that was a lot of bills. Sucks!

I'm full of Tommy's chiliburger, and fries, right now. I don't want to just sit here, now that I'm actually getting some things done. Like this entry!

Another thing I got done is some Christmas "shopping." Shopping is in parenthesis because this year's gift is a photo book that I put together, and is being made by Ofoto. I won't have to do any of the book binding. It's going to be a pretty sweet present. One of a kind. NICE!

Now, I wonder if I'll go and put the ornaments on the tree. That would get me one step closer to actually having a trimmed Christmas tree. We'll see what happens. Right now I want to get out of this chair.

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