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Done with the tree, and X-mas shopping -- 11.26.04
Image Hosted by I finished putting up the tree today (pictured right). Took long enough, considering I started to put this thing up a week and a half ago. But, thankfully it's up now, and I don't have to worry about it until after new years. Tradition in this house is to keep the tree up until about January 6th, known in Mexico as Three Wisemen's day. Really it's the orthodox Christmas date. But hey, I don't mind keeping it up that long. I love the lights.

I take it that everyone is getting ready to head out to the stores on Friday. Not me. I'm pretty much done with my Christmas shopping. I think I told everyone I know online about the project I had in mind for my Christmas gifts this year. Well, I got an email telling me that the gifts where shipped, and should arrive in a few days. I can't wait to see how they came out. This will be so cool. Of course I don't want to spoil the whole surprise by telling what I got everyone.

So while millions wake up super early, before the sun comes up in many cases, to get started with their Christmas shopping, I'll be toasty warm in my bed. Because I'm nearly done with my Christmas shopping. The only things that are left are a few little things, like more X-mas decorations.

This year we did a restaurant Thanksgiving. I tell you, I really don't like eating food. So the idea of stuffing my face with turkey was not that exciting to me, but spending time with my family was. The dinner itself was OK, nothing all that special. I think I should have gotten the great onion rings that they sell at the restaurant we went to eat. They have some incredible onion rings there.

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