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What's next? -- 12.15.04
As if my Grandmother being sick wasn't enough, today my aunt called me at the hospital to tell me that she found my duck dead in the backyard. So in this fortnight of displeasure comes the death of my beloved Daisy Duck. My cute little pet duck that brought me so much joy every time I saw her. She was this little angel of a duck. Her white feathers not unlike those of an angel. Angels should be so lucky. Now she's gone, and the horrible feelings of my Grandmother being sick have been punctuated by my duck dying.

I feel like I want to burst. It's so difficult to be the one that has to stand-by while all this goes on. Here I am perfectly healthy, and I'm watching everyone around me get sick. My Aunt is not super healthy, my Grandma is sick, and now my duck dies. I feel that the grim specter of death hovers close to me. Not touching me, but those I love. That's more hurtful.

Daisy Duck - 1996 to 2004

She was a ray of happiness in my life. I don't think I've ever had a pet that brought me more joy that this duck. My Grandma and I could always talk about the cute things she did during the day. I often found that Daisy started many a conversations between us (my Grandmother and I). Tomorrow morning we'll talk about her. I know we will always talk about her. It will always be loving, and we will always love her. The house feels so sad right now. What with my Grandmother not here, and now Daisy not quacking up a storm. She will be missed. Mostly by me. I think I loved that duck as much as anyone can love a duck. I'll miss you Daisy. You were a funny little duck.

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