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iPod songs, Food sucks, getting out -- 03.05.05
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I took this picture of our Fuji apple tree the other day. How cool.

I love my iPod. Ever hit shuffle and wondered what songs were going to come up? While getting myself into a nice warm shower I hit shuffle and here are the 10 songs that came up.

Evan - Jan Hammer
Hole in my Life - The Police
Moon, Turn The Tides ... Gently Gently Away - Jimi Hendrix
The Fly - U2
Mind Games - John Lennon
Somebody's watching Me - Rockwell
Sexual Healing (vocal) - Marvin Gaye
Human Nature - Michael Jackson
Old Man - Neil Young
Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield

Man, too many songs from the 80's, don't you think? And just as I wrote that what comes up but this:

What's New - John Coltrane
Between the Sheets - The Isley Brothers
Are you Experienced - Jimi Hendrix
Come Clean - Hilary Duff
Over - Lindsay Lohan

And that's it, I'm going to get something to eat. Not that I WANT to eat anything. Yet again, I'm forced to eat something.

Man, how do people eat to the point that they are big fat slobs? I so don't get the allure of food. See, when I eat something there isn't a tingle, a tickle, or anything of enjoyment. I might as well be eating Styrofoam, because that's what food tastes to me. I hate getting that hungry feeling in my stomach, because it means I'm going to have to eat something undesirable, that is any food. Even foods that I used to like aren't very appealing these days. Expect a Tommy's double-cheeseburger. THAT, and only that, is the one thing I enjoy eating.

OK, I'm going to make myself something to eat. To you it will be a new paragraph, to me it will be longer. (ended 11:32am)

(12:48pm) I'm supposed to go to Ikea, with a friend, today. I'm going to drop them a line, because I so don't want to be in the house today. My Aunts are driving me nuts with their ways. I think I rather be alone, than have them talking to me about nonsense. I'm wondering why I even try to hook up with a girl, when the reality is that I'm just going to end up wanting to break things up as soon as possible.

Last night my friend Suiza Angelica has this flaky habit of calling me on the phone for two seconds, always ending her call with the phrase, "I'll call you in five minutes." Which never turns out to be five minutes. More like five days. Why does she even BOTHER saying "five minutes" when she knows that it's NEVER five minutes.

OK, message sent. Let us see if I get to leave the house. If not I think I'll go nuts.

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