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Now you have it, now you don't -- 03.08.05
Image Hosted by I went to Ikea on Saturday, but I didn't find everything that I wanted. My shopping list had two things I definitely wanted, and two things that I would get only if I liked a whole lot. Well, I only found two of the four items, the decanter pictured left, and the salt & pepper shakers. I didn't like the salt & pepper shakers, so I only brought home the decanter.

Then today I went to another Ikea, and found some cool looking salt & pepper shakers. Of course, they didn't have any, because they look cool, and everyone else bought them. Damn, I hate when that happens.

Today I went to pick up my Aunt from work. Something I haven't really done in a while. When I usually went to pick her up I would naturally take my Grandmother along with me. This time I looked over at the empty passenger's seat in my car and missed her so much. I've mentioned it before, it's the little moments that I remember her and remember that she's gone. Most of the time I put my mind off the subject. I don't think about how she's no longer around. I think I feel that she's in the other room, and that I can simply go to her room and find her. I think having my Aunt in the kitchen, making food, and making noise, makes me think that my Grandmother is still here. But then I go to the kitchen, and she's not there. And then I go to her cold room, and she's not there.

Know what, The Simpsons continues to make me laugh harder than any other show on TV. What with things like this showing up on the show.

Image Hosted by

Say hello to my lil friend, Homer Sanchez.

I'm dreading going to the dentist tomorrow morning. I can't afford a candy bar, let alone any dental bills (seeing as I don't have any insurance). I'm thinking of flaking on this appointment, but at the same time I don't want to. Not that I want the guy to drill a whole in my head, but I do have a couple of cavities that should be fixed. Granted, they've been there for a while now, so I don't think that a couple of months is going to make a difference. Certainly I need to find a job before I go off and get these teeth drilled. I so want to shine on this thing tomorrow.

Next week I'm going to school to get that thing going. I'm not quite sure if I'm going to be able to afford going for the last two years of my degree. Not right now, anyway. Certainly if I won the lottery tomorrow I could afford to go, but would I? Yeah, I probably would. It would be great to go and not worry about the cost of classes, or of books. But, that is something that I have to consider. Right now I'm not only penniless, I'm in debt up to my ears. I started a savings account, but it only has $10 in it. It's super sad. And then yesterday my car wouldn't start, and I had to take it to the mechanic. Who charged me $280 for a new alternator, and battery. Just as I'm drowning in debt, the universe throws a bucket of water at me. Good move. Man, for some reason my karma is all out of place. What did I do to deserve this?, I wonder.

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