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To: Margaret Farquhar 7.16.05 -- 07.16.05
Dear Margaret,

It's been a while since I haven written you, sorry for taking so long to write. There's usually a lot that I want to say here on this journal, but for some reason the words don't come out easily. I start and stop and start and stop these entries over and over again. This is the 4th time I've started this entry.

The highlight of last weekend was me walking up to McDonald's for a soft serve ice cream cone. Walking up there took all of 7 minutes, but it wasn't so much the walk but the fact that I was out of the house for once. Having three dollars in my wallet pretty much keeps me from going out too far.

The highlight of this week was signing up for classes at CSUN. I was super afraid that one or more of the classes I was trying to sign up for would be full. Thankfully that didn't happen, and come the end of August I'll be attending four classes a week. Nice! It's the most classes I've taken in a while. The last couple of semesters I've been taking 2 or 3 classes tops, but mostly 2. That's mainly because I only needed a couple of more classes to transfer. Now that I'm at CSUN I have to take the full load of classes in order to get out of there in two years. I don't mind though.

Yesterday's horoscope hit the nail on the button. It said, "Things might not come out the way you intend and some messy misunderstandings could result" and sure enough that's what happened. What happened made me feel so bad that it has me questioning a few things about friendships. I think that I better continue with my policy of not getting too close to friends. It's better that way, because familiarity breeds contempt towards me it seems. Oh well, better things await anyway.

My plans were to go to Disneyland tomorrow (Sunday) but it looks like that isn't going to happen now that I found out my brakes are leaking fluid. I'm going to have to wait until Monday to take the car to the mechanic, so that means no Disneyland tomorrow. Oh well, I guess I'll have to spend that money on the car. I can't really afford to go to Disneyland anyway.

OK, off to sit in front of the fan. It's too damn hot!


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