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Old Pasadena -- 08.01.05
This weekend I escaped and went on the Metro again. A few months ago I went and traveled on the Gold line all the way into Pasadena. I knew I would be back because I had a blast. This time was no different. I went and got off in Old Pasadena and looked around the sights. When I got off the Metro I saw this huge building in the distance. It took a moment for me to remember that it was the Pasadena city hall (pictured below).

Right there I knew that I was going to find some cool things to take pictures of. So I continued to walk around. I found myself in Memorial park. I watched a just married couple take a bunch of pictures in the park. I was tempted to go and take a picture of the couple, but they didn't look very photogenic. I walked up the street and found myself in front of this store called "The Container Store." I popped inside and found a paradise of storage. There were a million things to store other things in. I told a friend on the phone later that the store was like the Ikea storage department times 10. I looked around and found a salt shaker that I had been looking for a long time now. Course I didn't think to buy it right away. I mulled the purchase over and finally decided that $.89 wasn't so bad for a salt shaker. So I bought it, and carried it in the biggest of bags.

I continued to walk around, until I found myself in the heart of Old Pasadena. The stores are pretty much the same stores you can find anywhere. There's the usual mall standards like: Pottery Barn, J Crew, Foot Locker; something, and something. The cool thing is that they're built into these old storefronts with ornate decorations. The buildings are way better than the stores they contain. A great building I walked into, literally, is this place called the "Castle Green" (pictured below).

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of this place, because it was super cool looking. The picture above doesn't do the building justice.

Lastly I went to Hollywood to take some pictures for a friend. There were so many people there that I couldn't get a decent picture of anything. I was also super tired from talking around Old Pasadena. The best picture I took was of Jimi Hendrix. Well, not really him, but some guy that was dressed up like him (pictured below).

I asked him to play, but he didn't. Maybe it's for the better, no one can duplicate Hendrix.

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