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90% Excited -- 08.10.05
The countdown to the first day at CSUN is now down to seventeen days. Have I mentioned that I'm excited and scared? I'm more excited than scared however. I would put the ratio at about 90% excited, 10% scared. Of course as the time draws near that percentage will very likely change to something more like 90% scared, 10% excited. I doubt it though, seeing as I'm REALLY looking forward to this new start.

Yesterday I was looking through my class schedule and checking out the descriptions. I wanted to know exactly what I signed up for, seeing as my counselor pretty much gave me a list of classes that I could sign needed to graduate. Yeah, that pretty much means that I was flying blind and hoping that his advice was good advice. I'm taking three English classes, and one elective. The elective is photography, so that's something I can pretty much do without too much effort. I already take a million pictures, why not take some for a class? Anyway, here are the descriptions of the three English classes I'll soon be taking.

- Verse writing: "Intensive practice writing poetry; analysis and criticism of students' work as well as some critical study of published verse"
- Writing about Literature: "Intensive study of the literary genres of poetry, prose fiction, and drama."
- Narrative Writing: "Intensive practice in narrative writing with emphasis on short fiction; analysis and criticism of students' work."

I tells ya, that's a lot of "Intensive study" don't you think? I asked a friend this weekend if he thought I could just get through all my classes on my smarts alone. He doesn't think so. It sounds to me like a challenge. I say this because I've pretty much mastered getting through English classes with the minimum of effort. This is not to say that I don't work hard to get a good grade. I just don't kill myself because I've become skilled enough that I don't have to pull an all-nighter to write a paper. Also, I've learned not to procrastinate as much as before. You can't imagine how much stress doing the work before the deadline is two days away can save your nerves. And the paper comes out so much better for it. There's time to check for little mistakes, revise, and rewrite. The most important thing, the rewrite, often isn't done because the procrastinators are rushing just to get it done. I know, I've been there many times.

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