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School Orientation -- 08.26.05
Thursday I went to my new school's orientation. There couldn't have been a hotter day to do this orientation, except maybe today (Friday). I got there at 8 a.m. for a 9 a.m. start. But that's because I don't like to arrive late to anything.

Above is how the arriving area was around 8:20 a.m. or so. The people that were there to greet us were setting up the tables with the R.S.V.P. lists. We were given name tags and sent into smaller groups. It wasn't so hot at this moment, but by 9 a.m. I took my jacket off. Bringing that jacket was both a curse and a blessing. A curse because it was easily over 100 outside. But, once inside the orientation building (below) I found the need to put my jacket back on because the A/C was freezing.

There were a few speakers that we listened to. The first four were informative, pleasant and short. The last speaker, a guy from the career center, spoke for over an hour. Or so it seemed since I all of us were starving to death. No one was really listening to what he was saying. Really all he had to say was, "Go to the career center in order to find a job in the field you're interested in." That's really all he had to say. We all know that getting a degree means we might get paid more than someone who doesn't have a degree. Duh! That's why we're in college. Finally, after what felt like the longest hour EVER, he stopped talking. Probably because he looked out at us and saw nothing but blank faces that had drifted away with thoughts of lunch.

Above is what we were given for lunch. There was a choice of ham, turkey or veggie sandwiches. Then a choice of chips, drink, and a stale cookie for dessert. I was so looking forward to the cookie, like I always look forward to dessert. The sandwich wasn't that bad, but I think I felt it was better than it was because I was starving.

After lunch there was going to be more talking, but I couldn't take it anymore. I slipped out and took my own tour of the campus. I had a list of the classes I'm taking, so I went and looked for the rooms. After that I went to the book store to pick-up the books that I ordered online. They only had one of the two books that I ordered. They said that they'll call me when they have the other book. Great! Now I won't have that book in time for class. Oh well, no choice now.

After that I walked around the campus a bit more, but I was feeling weary since it was so hot.


I commented that I should have taken my umbrella with me, because the sun was like a laser beam. My aunt even commented that I looked like I had a sunburn, which I probably did.

In other news, I hate the telephone. The crank calls have started up again. It's super stupid to come home and find that there are 9 messages, and 7 of them are just hang-ups. ARGH! That's completely frustrating. Also, how come every time I'm on the phone there seems to be a hundred sounds all around? I can't hear a thing when there are a bunch of clangs, bangs, and crashes all around me. It's hard enough to hear someone that doesn't speak into the phone, but then on top of that I have this cacophony all around me. Like I said before, it's completely frustrating. Please, if you're talking to me on the phone, do me the favor of actually talking INTO the phone. A lot of times I don't hear a thing anyone is saying because they have their cheek on the mic. ARGH, so frustrating!

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