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University life -- 08.31.05
Yesterday was my first day at CSUN. I'm going to love university life. It's like so custom-made for me. I feel perfectly comfortable in the classes.

The first day of school was way cool. I arrived super early, but that was OK because I love walking around when no one else is around. It also gave me time to find my first class, which was the only one I didn't look for on the orientation. It was too hot the day of the orientation last week, so I just went home. I almost didn't find it, but I kept walking where the map said it would be. Sure enough, it was there. I'm glad that I took a campus map with me.

It didn't seem like I walked a lot, but I guess I must have because I was sore yesterday, and I'm sore today. Maybe it's just me having to get used to this after so long, I hope. I like my classes; they seem to be really good. Three of them are small in that they don't have much more than 30 people. The only class that has more than that is my morning class. That has over 40 people.

It's funny because nearly everyone is so quiet. No one speaks up, what gives? Being the big mouth that I am I'm usually the one answering questions, speaking up, and interacting with the professors.

Here are some pictures from yesterday.

This one is of that bank on Sepulveda and Ventura blvds. I liked how the sun was behind the sun, because usually I see this the opposite way. :)

This is the campus when I arrived super early. As you can see, there isn't anyone around.

The inside of my photography class. I hate that it doesn't have a window. :( All my other rooms have windows, but not this one. Dammit! I like looking out the window.

This is me walking to my third class. I like walking on the grass instead of the walkways. The grassy area is nice and shady.

I took this picture as I lay down under a tree during my lunch break. It was so nice to just lie there and enjoy a little bit of rest. :) The chairs in all the classrooms are so uncomfortable, for me at least. Maybe that's why I'm sore, because I was restless and moved around A LOT in those chairs. I so need to take my own chair with me.

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