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Giant hotdog giveaway -- 09.09.05
Thursday a giant hotdog was walking around campus giving away coupons for a free hotdog, and ice cream cone.

I've yet to get my free dog, but maybe next week. I best not lose my coupon because money is scarce, and a free hotdog will sure hit the spot. I sent the picture to Amora Simpatica, who thought that the hotdog had a weird face. Oh, and she pointed out to me that the darn thing had mustard. I didn't even notice that until she pointed it out to me. Mustard?! On a hotdog? Man, do I always have to be the odd man out or what? I like my hotdogs with ketchup.

After my short story class I went to get something to eat. Dummy me should have walked across the street and gotten my free hotdog. But NOOOO, I went to the school bookstore complex with their Burger Queen, and food court ubiquitous pasta-pizza/Mexican food/Chinese food places. I didn't want to eat another burger, and with only a few bucks in my pocket I searched for something that was both cheep and suitable for a midday meal. I walked over to the pizza place and looked at the pizza carcass lying under a heat lamp. That is an abomination. Pizza should only be eaten as it comes out of the oven, or the next day. Those are the only times when pizza tastes super great. For some reason sitting under a heat lamp robs it of all flavor. So I avoided the pizza place. I don't trust most places that serve Chinese food. The last choice, since my stomach was becoming embittered with me, was the Mexican food place. Oh, all the stuff LOOKED good in the serving trays. Taste was another thing however. I've had some bad meals in my life, but never was one so bland. I had a couple of chicken tacos, but it might as well have been Styrofoam. If I had closed my eyes, and didn't know what I had ordered, I wouldn't be able to tell you what I had to eat. That's how bland, and tasteless, it was. That meal pissed me off, so with the rest of my time before my last class of the day I went to the school's botanical garden. As botanical gardens go it was OK. I shouldn't have expected a scrumptious display of plants closely approximating the Garden of Eden. It's a nice place to sit a spell, lie on the grass, but it should be bigger. There need to be more trees on campus too. There are too many open spaces that have nothing but open grass as far as the eye can see. Get some trees down there and give me a place to sit under.

During my lunch breaks I sit under the trees. Yesterday there was a big "get to know the clubs" thing happening on the lawn I usually rest on during my lunch breaks. So I had to find another place. Before that I walked out of the botanical garden and started my way back to the main campus area, and my next class. In a moment of indecision I walked back the wrong way and found something I didn't see during my cursory look at the garden, sunflowers!

Actually, there were some other pictures I took of some flowers inside the garden, but those didn't come out as nice as this one. Which even still didn't come out as nice as I would have liked. The next picture is of a grasshopper perched on this plant. If I hadn't tried to take a picture of the sunflowers I wouldn't have seen him.

OK, best get back to doing my homework. There isn't a lot, but it does require some work on my part... especially the poetry stuff. There's a girl in my poetry class that wrote a poem about Bush. I mention that because my poem is about Bush's brain. I hope the class likes my poem.

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