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Starting early -- 09.20.05
Let's jump back last Friday for a moment. I went to the local church rummage sale and spotted this great box.

Could the kid on the cover be more perfect for this box? Doesn't the kid looks like little Hercules? Nah, I didn't think so either. LOL

My Monday started early. The following picture of a local diner was taken at 6:38 in the morning. I had to wake that early to try to get some pictures before the sun came up. It was for my photography class assignment that's due on Thursday. I felt bad about doing it at the last minute. But, my informal survey of my classmates shows that at least I had some of the pictures done. A couple of my classmates hadn't taken a single picture by Tuesday. They would literally have to shot everything today in order to have it done by Thursday. One guy in my class didn't even have a camera. Yeah, that's going to be OK (read that with a big sarcastic tone).

This picture is similar to one I took with my 35mm camera for my assignment.

This is also similar to one I took for my assignment.

While walking up Lake Ave. in Pasadena I walked by this arcade of stores. The place drew me in, and I just had to take a couple of pictures.

While waiting for the train to arrive I spotted this guy just sleeping on the bench. You know, now that I think about it I wonder if he was passed out, sleeping, or dead. He looks like he's dead, doesn't he?

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