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School days indeed -- 10.13.05
Most peculiar mamma, roll! This morning I parked the car and I took a picture of the view I see. The sun is just barely peeking over the building on the right.

Man, looking at this picture makes me yawn. I get up entirely too early in the morning.

So there is this monstrous slide projector that we've had to deal with in my photography class. This is it...

The thing must weigh about 15 to 20 unruly pounds. The darn thing just refuses to be any smaller, which completely sucks. Still, the old machine has some charm. Like when it eats a slide and then spits it out all bent out of shape. Yeah, those are GOOD TIMES... NOT!

I'm ultra sleepy right now. I would say that it's from waking up early this morning, but that's crazy. I didn't wake up early; I actually woke up a little later than usual. Maybe that's what's wrong. Speaking of wrong, my printer sucks. It finally died this past week. I have had trouble with the printer for a while now. It would often take a million years to print something, and then I would have to print something out two or three times because it would come out smudged. Also, the ink would very often dry up super fast. The manual would say something like to expect about 300 to 500 pages from an ink cartridge. I honestly don't think I ever got close to even getting 200 printed pages off a full cartridge. I know that it's just an average, but still. Sometimes I would put new ink in it one day and three days later I would print something out and it would say that the ink level was low. Now that's just downright silly. Anyway, I went to get it repaired and they quoted me a price of about $120 to fix it. HA, don't make me laugh. The damn thing didn't even cost me that much when it was new. Also, it kinda sucks, so I'll be happy to see it go. I bought a new one, but the sucky thing is that it isn't scheduled to arrive until next Friday.

Anyway, I'm going to go watch the game now. Maybe I'll eat a slice of that cheesecake that's in the fridge. Mmmm, cheesecake.

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