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Ghosts, glorified pamphlets, & Calvin and Hobbes -- 10.22.05
OK, sue me for watching the show "Ghost Whisperer" because I'm totally in love with Jennifer Love Hewitt... like every guy on the plant must be. Bastards, she's mine! It's a so-so show, but the whole talking to someone near to you after they have passed away is a sensitive subject for me. While I think that there is certainly a possibility that the whole premise of the show could be true, I tend not to believe the likes of James Van Praagh. But dammit if I'm not sucked into the last act of every one of these shows when the ghosts communicate to their family/friend. It never fails, I fall hook, line, and sinker and totally start to get all teary eyed. Having lost the two most important people in my life to stomach cancer certainly makes me sensitive to the subject of being able to communicate with ghosts. So yeah, shame on the show "Ghost Whisperer" for tugging on my heart strings even though I know it's just a show. Damn that Jennifer Love Hewitt for being so... so... PERFECT. LOL OK, no one is perfect, but I come pretty darn close. And so does JLH. LOL

But I digress because now I want to bitch about something. One of my professors made me buy this stupid "book" for his class. I put book in quotes because the book is basically an overgrown pamphlet. This is what it looks like (pictured below).

This requited text cost me $14.75, which in terms of the cost of books in college is absolutely nothing. But still, it's the principal of the thing in this case. This "required text" could so could have been taken care of by posting this stuff online or something. When are we going to be able to just get all this stuff online, and not have to pay $15 for what is basically some photocopies bound together? ARGH! Stuff like that just pisses me off is all. Hell, I've gotten really lucky with my required text this semester. I don't think I spent more than $50 this semester on so-called required books. The public library has helped me there. There is no reason that I should buy a book that I only have to read one story out of if I can just get it at the library.

Speaking of books, there is one book (or books in this case) that I HAVE TO HAVE. Calvin and Hobbes is, and always will be, my favorite comic strip. I read it from the day it started, and loved it completely and absolutely. I used to clip it every day from out of the paper. I have a huge collection of the cut-outs that my mother didn't throw away still in a shoebox in my closet right now. I'm sure they're all moldy by now. But anyway, my point is that a little over 10 years since it last appeared in the comic page they published EVERY ONE of the daily strips in this huge collection (pictured below).

Just look at the size of this thing! Between the three books it's said to weigh 22 pounds! I'm so drooling over this thing. You're going to think I'm crazy but I have kept the last Sunday Calvin and Hobbes strip under my desk mat.

There is it, where it's been for the last 10+ years. Calvin and Hobbes was the greatest comic strip. The day after it ended I read some of the other strips in the paper. They all sucked, so I didn't read a comic page for the next 7 years. When I finally did read some of the strips I found that they had only gotten worse. Calvin and Hobbes is that rare comic strip that never got old before its time. I loved Peanuts growing up, but it was pretty much old hat by the time Calvin and Hobbes came on the scene. I read the comic page about a year ago and found it to be a complete waste of ink and paper. None of the strips caught my eye like Calvin and Hobbes did. They just don't have that feeling of wonder.

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