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Putting Things on top of Other Things -- 10.27.05
I wore a tie today, oh boy! Why did I wear a tie today? Because, is that a good enough reason? OK, honestly I just saw it in my drawer and I thought about how long it has been since I have worn a tie. So, I wore it. Here's what it looked like on me.

My third class of the day was cancelled, so I went up a floor to go bother a friend of mine. While waiting for her to walk down the hall I spotted this rather strange sign next to one of the doors.

Yes, room 351 in Jerome Richfield Hall is home to "The Royal Society for Putting Things on top of Other Things. You know, I didn't think about it at the time but I think that the next time I'm on that floor I'll knock on the door and see who answers. Perhaps Eric Idle, or John Cleese, or perhaps Michael Palin will answer the door (here, here).

I mentioned this particular sign to someone from my writing class and they told me that they had spotted another funny sign besides a room on campus. During my lunch break I went over there and spotted the following sign.

I think this one is funny too, but certainly lowbrow. I'm going to have to walk around the various building to see what other wacky signs I can find. Should be fun.

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