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List of things -- 11.05.05
Man, I must have had no taste when I was growing up. I rented the show "Battle for the Planets" from Netflix a couple of weeks back, but I hadn't gotten to it until this week. I figured I'd watch the darn things, and get rid of this cold. Anyway, I start watching the shows and I'm nearly falling asleep. The shows were not only boring, they didn't make any sense. They must have done some serious editing of the original Japanese shows before they aired them here. Either that, or like I said before, I had no taste growing up. *frown*

For weeks the local Fox station has been showing reruns of the same Simpson's episodes, from the same season, over and over again. What was annoying is that sometimes they would show the same episode two times in two weeks. I figured that someone at the station forgot to renew the broadcast rights for all the Simpson's episodes they had. Either that or who knows what. Either way, this week my TV turned on by itself at the usual 6 p.m. and I finally saw that there was a Simpson's episode that wasn't one of the ones they've been repeating ad nauseam. Not only that, it was my favorite episode of all time, "I Love Lisa."

"The Simpsons: A complete guide to our favorite family" partially summarizes the episode like this: It's Valentine's Day, and everyone in Lisa's class receives cards except Ralph. Feeling bad for Ralph, Lisa quickly signs a card and gives it to him. Ralph is instantly smitten with her. After school, he walks Lisa home, but Lisa has no feelings for Ralph except pity. She tries to avoid him at school, but they are chosen to perform in a play together.

Last week I went to the Huntington Library and spotted this exhibit about something called a Dink Frog (pictured below).

I thought it was funny anyway.

This past Thursday, while in my poetry class, I had one of those super sentimental moments that I'm apt to get. The sentimentality washed over me, not just for my poetry class but for every class, and the people in them. It's past the midway point of this semester, and it's nearly time to start thinking of the end, which might explain why I felt this way. What can I say, I'm going to look back at this point someday and remember how nice it felt. I nearly stood up in class and told everyone that I had this moment of sentimentality. Not having a voice helped me not make a fool out of myself. I say that because most people can go somewhere and not feel any kind of affinity towards it. I can't do that. I get all attached to things, which is stupid really. Oh well, it's how I am... perfectly sentimental.

It's bad enough that I get a bunch of spam in my email inbox, but these days I seem to be getting a lot more junk mail in my mailbox. I took what I got in the mail the other day and spread it on my floor so you could see all the junk I got (pictured below).

It's bad enough that I got all this crap, but the worst of it is that I basically threw it all away. If not for the picture I took for this entry I wouldn't have even looked through it all that much. There were ads for a cell phone (2), three ads for Tower Records, two Penny Savers, and basically a lot of stuff I don't want. It's such a waste of paper, and I'm sure my mail carrier must hate having to carry this much junk. The day I got all this junk I got like two actual letters. Think about how much more of an effort it takes to carry that much paper around to stuff into people's mailboxes. Sucks! OK, I'm off to get some homework done.

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