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Because Loser is complicated enough -- 11.16.05

"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure-dome decree." The Xanadu I'm talking about is the 1980 film starting Olivia Newton-John. I mention it because I watched it this past weekend (thank you NetFlix). I remember watching this movie on the old channel 9, KHJ-TV Los Angeles. They used to show silly movies like this one all the time. I liked the movie because of the Pan Pacific building, and the building has a prominent role in the picture.

I never got to visit the actual Pan Pacific building before it burned to the ground. But I still have fond memories of that place, if only because that building was the building that introduced me to Art Deco architecture. I so love Art Deco, and the Pan Pacific still plays a big part in my life, and my site. I play homage to the Pan Pacific with little things like banners on my page (example below). OH, and Olivia Newton-John was pretty cute too.

I was bored in my literature class yesterday, and I ended up drawing mustaches on the pictures of people in the school newspaper (below).

I performed surgery on my iPod just a few moments ago. What I did is take the old worn-out battery out and replace it with a new better battery. I went to Apple and they told me that they would have to wipe my hard drive clean in order to see if it's really the battery that was the problem. This despite the fact that they probably know that it's the battery, and not a software problem. *sulk* Thankfully I found this online store that sells replacement batteries. So right now my iPod is being charged up, and my nightmare of having to not have my music with me is over. *happy sigh*

On a more serious subject, my friend Joya De La Vida told me the other night that she is worried about me because the way I was talking was, "So unlike" me. Perhaps this is the tortured period of my artistic life. Perhaps I'm just depressed. I promised Joya De La Vida that I would see a counselor (head-shrinker) if I don't feel better by next week. Thankfully I feel better this morning. Course, it's still early in the day yet. Anyway, no use talking about it anymore, it might just be a temporary thing.
End communication.

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