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Sports Sunday rant -- 11.20.05
CBS has the worst football coverage. I don't know why I even bother watching any of the games on CBS. We don't have a team in Los Angeles, even though we used to have two (three if you want to count the USFL L.A. Express). Back to my point though, CBS's coverage sucks. What I hate is that EVERY weekend they have either Oakland or San Diego games. Yeah, The Raiders used to play here but they don't now. I don't NEED to see them play every weekend. Especially these days when they really suck. San Diego has a good team, but I could care less about them. Today, for example, the Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore game came down to the wire. Did I get to see it? NO! Because bastard CBS shows games that I don't care about.

In addition, when it comes to commentators, camera angles, picture quality, and even graphics, CBS fall way short of the other networks. The best coverage I see is Fox and ESPN. Both of them have better camera angles, better direction, better commentators, better graphics, and even better picture quality. I can't see anything that CBS does that is better than the other networks. Even the games that they air aren't up to par.

It's funny because certain networks do certain sports better than others. NBC's coverage of the NBA was atrocious. And what sucked is that they had basketball through some great Laker seasons, and I had to deal with their stupid commentators and bad coverage. CBS, now they did basketball right. ABC currently has the NBA, and they do a decent job at it. So yeah, that's my Sunday commentary on the various network sport coverage.

This past Thursday I submitted an editorial to my school newspaper, The Daily Sundial. My career advisor thinks that I should try photojournalism a shot for a potential career. Seeing as I'm into Photography and an English major. It's would be a perfect marriage of interests, don't you think? I'm super hopeful that the paper's editorial editor likes my editorial and publishes it in the paper. If it is published in the paper it will be the FIRST time that I'm published. It may not sound like much to you, but it's something significant to me. Course at this point any talk of being published is literally putting the cart in front of the horse. Best not to jinx anything. But I must say, that if this falls through like everything else in my life, I might just have to give up hope. This little thing can either be the start of a good thing, or the end of hoping.
End communication.

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