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Apathy Works Wonders -- 11.23.05
(1:29 p.m.) This day promises to wear me out. I've already been on the phone with the county assessor. Sure, just like I said last time, I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch. Well, some of my eggs broke. But am I giving up? No, I'm not going to lay down for a reassessment. Now they want to just assess 50% of the house. Sure play that game. Time for the lawyers to come out and play. Bastards! I hate it when a government agency tries to pull one over on a citizen because they think they can intimidate someone into paying for something they don't owe. In that spirit, even though this is clearly a mistake on their part, they're still asking for payment. So, when this is all settled sometime in 2009, they can refund what they owe me. Sure, by that time I'll be stone cold dead... the way things are going for me right now.

Oh, because just now, as I was driving back home from dropping off some film my car started to spit out anti-freeze. NICE huh! Thankfully it did it just as I was getting home. However, I've yet to have anything to eat, and now I have to deal with a payment due of over $2,000, and another payment due of another $2,000 for tuition, and then after that I can just go ahead and break every bone in my body. ARGH! When will this continued bad luck end?! Something is going on right now. I don't know if I have bad karma, or a black cloud hanging over me, or something like that, but right now things are just getting worse.

I put my head down, and try to plow through it, but it's simply too much. As I drove to drop off the film I thought to myself how my parent's, and Grandparent's, generation had to deal with stupid stuff like this all the time. Only they were taught to put their head down and plow through it. I'm amazed more of them didn't step in front of a train or something. Because plowing through is nice and all, but it still leaves one with a sore head.

I'm going to head out right now, with pennies in my hand, to buy a new hose, anti-freeze, and lunch. Thankfully there's an auto parts store up the street, I'll only have to take one bus one way, not two. The auto parts store I was going to is on Van Nuys and it would have been a bitch to have to carry all those gallons of anti-freeze with me all that way. FUCK THIS SHITTY WORLD!

I think that I'm just going to have to change my ways soon. I'm pretty fucking sick of the world running over me, while others who seem to not care about anything breeze through life. If I really believe that this world is going to pot anyway, then it's time to fast forward the process and just get it over with. Cryptic stuff right now, I best head out. It gets dark early these days. If I want to repair my car before sundown I best get going.

(2:33 p.m.) I'm writing this on a piece of paper for later transcription. I'm sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive. I'm bleeding from a slight cut I got in the kitchen just as I was leaving home a while back. I was in a hurry and tried to close one of the drawers, and got cut.
I went to McDonald's to get something to eat, seeing as I hadn't had anything.

I had a McRib today because I read online that McDonald's isn't going to be making it anymore. Seems the "animal" they made it from is extinct. *laugh*

(2:37 p.m.) Iím on the bus now, waiting for it to take off. At least it's nice and cool inside the bus. The cut on my figure has finally stopped bleeding. I hate to figure out if I'm going to buy the anti-freeze at Pep Boys (where I'm going now) or at Target. I'm pretty sure that it costs a little less at Target, but it would cost me in bus fair.

(3:10 p.m.) Back on the bus, this time heading back home. The two gallons of anti-freeze better be enough to fill the cooling system on my car.

(4:47 p.m.) Started to transcribe my notes from my little trip to the auto parts store, and after fixing the broken hose on my car. I'm glad that it wasn't a major undertaking. However, I did cut myself again, this time in the area between my thumb and index finger. I just looked back at the first line I wrote at the start of this whole entry and it's so true. This day has worn me out.

(6:14 p.m.) Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I have plans to get out of town with my friend Angelica Charla. She cooked up this idea to drive her new car out of town, basically to see how far we could get before having to head back. I'm charging all my electronic devices in preparation for tomorrow's trip. As per usual I'm going to take as many pictures as possible.
End communication.

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