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Out of Town -- 11.27.05
(1:32 a.m. Friday morning) Thanksgiving, as well as Los Angeles, is in the rearview mirror right now. I'm in hotel room in Santa Margarita, about halfway up to San Francisco. I wish I could get to an internet connection because I so need to check my email, and reply to a couple of emails. But, I guess it's not meant to be right now. It's strange, I went on this trip in order to get away from things, but the old adage is true, you can't run away from your problems. Even now I half want to be home, despite the fact that I'm having a good time.

I don't even know what to write at this point. A year ago yesterday I went out to dinner with my Grandmother and Aunt. This is what I wrote:

This year we did a restaurant Thanksgiving. I tell you, I really don't like eating food. So the idea of stuffing my face with turkey was not that exciting to me, but spending time with my family was. The dinner itself was OK, nothing all that special. I think I should have gotten the great onion rings that they sell at the restaurant we went to eat. They have some incredible onion rings there.

I feel the weight of that day now, to the point that I'm going to stop writing.

(10:11 a.m. Friday morning) Woke up with the sting of the lingering smoke smell in my nose. It's a smell that is quite powerful. I think I dreamt of tobacco last night, and that ain't good. I'm going to try to put my head down today, and plow through. It's the only thing I know to do these days.

Yesterday was a day filled with driving and sightseeing. The Santa Barbara pier was a nice little stop, and something that wasn't closed on Thanksgiving day. The sunset in the distance lent itself for a postcard moment, as well as the sights on the pier.

Not surprisingly, no restaurants were open except a solitary Sizzler. That Sizzler was an oasis of food and people in a seemingly vacant city. Never did a menu board look so appetizing as this menu did.

We didn't reach Solvang until around 8:30ish, but of course nothing was open on Thanksgiving day.

(10:41 p.m. Friday night) After a full morning of driving we made it to the Monterey peninsula, barely. We started to drive up the coast from Morrow Bay this morning.

(1:37 a.m. Sunday morning) Finally back. About 7 hours ago I was standing in front of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and now I'm home. I'm SUPER happy to be home. I missed everyone, and now I have to email everyone to tell them where I've been. I'm TIRED, so I'll update again later, with a ton of pictures to come.
End communication.

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