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Pure Eric -- 11.29.03
(12:48 p.m.) I'm SUPER excited today. That opinion that I wrote for the paper was published today. It appeared in today's paper! (see below)

You don't know how happy I was when I walked into Sagebrush Hall this morning, grabbed the newspaper, and saw that my opinion was there. I literally did a dance in the hall. It's a good thing no one was there at the time. Whew! Otherwise, I would have looked quite the fool. But who cares, right? A girl grabbed a paper a few minutes after my little dance. I wanted to go up to her and tell her to read my opinion piece, but I didn't. LOL That would have been a little too crazy... Right? Hence me not doing it.

(1:07 p.m.) I'm SO sleepy right now. I could quite literally go to sleep right now. I think I might, but then again there isn't enough time. I have about 20 minutes before class starts, so I think there's no way I'm going to take a nap right now. Maybe I will though.

(5:54 p.m.) Back home now putting the finishing touches on this day, and this entry. Today was a GOOD day. I was super obnoxious telling everyone to go read the paper because my article was in the paper.

Thankfully, they didn't get too annoyed.

The following picture of Monterey Bay, looking North, taken about an hour before sunset.

Today went SO well that I wonder if this weekend didn't mark the start of a string of good luck. It's been so long since I've had a day go completely well that I wondered if I would ever have a day like today again. There have just been so many horrible things going on in my life. What with my Grandmother passing, my ballooning debt (which keeps ballooning mind you), to just feeling like a complete failure that shouldn't expect anything good in his life. All these things have just eaten away at me. Itís wonderful to simply have a day in which things GO RIGHT. Today went so well that I'm afraid to go to sleep for fear that tomorrow will be the total opposite. But I can't live thinking those thoughts, so I'll stop now and just bask in the afterglow of this day.
End communication.

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