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Pig today, Gone tomorrow -- 12.04.05
Well, no more pig. This nice lady from the Wildlife way station came Thursday evening to pick up the pig. I've yet to tell my stupid friend that gave it to be that I gave it away to the Wildlife way station.

I will admit, I liked the little creature but I'm not in a position to take care of it right now. Also, being that we never really had him under control he would pretty much just go around the back yard turning over potted plants, and tossing dirt on the patio area. Not cool, especially since my Aunt gets all obsessed with the dirt and wants to sweep it up. I come home pretty much ready to decompress, and not in the mood to pick up a broom and start sweeping. I'll do it, but cleaning up after this gifted pig was not a project I asked for.

Next week is pretty much the last full week of the Fall semester. Yesterday and today I went about clearing some of the cobwebs away. There were stacks of papers, projects, and other various things, on my little side table. There are still papers, books, envelopes, and more papers, but at least now I can see more of my side table. And the printer isn't covered in papers.

I've been itching for a strawberry shake for the last few days. I went to The Stand with a friend the other night, and to my surprise they DON'T make shakes there. What the hell?! Anyway, I had a good meal, even though I had to put it on credit. It pretty much sucks when you have to mortgage your future for a burger and a soda. But, this is the state I'm living in these days. They did have a wickedly good draft cream soda. You read right, DRAFT.

Oh man, right now I could really go for a chocolate donut. I'm itching for a chocolate donut. OK, that was random but it's what I was feeling OK.

Here are a couple of pictures from last week's trip up the coast.

As I stood at the coastline of California I thought to myself that this is the closest to heaven I've even been. Before me lay the massive Pacific Ocean, and behind me lay the whole of the American continent. I looked and tried to take in the beauty of that moment before we had to get back into the car and continue driving. I'm so lucky to be here in California. Yes, there are other beautiful places, but here all things converge. I hope I get to experience the beauty of this state before... you know.

Well, it's getting late and I have to get some things done before I get some sleep.
End communication.

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