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Such a bad entry -- 12.06.05
(2:37 p.m. Monday) Woo hoo, for the second time in less than a week I've been published by my university newspaper. If you want to read the article click on the following picture.

Censorship by Another Name

When I saw that my second article was published in Monday's paper I felt that I had to make a special trip to campus in order to get a hardcopy of the paper (six actually) for posterity sake. Amora Simpatica told me that pretty soon I'm going to have stacks of papers from where I've been published. I so hope that's true.

(12:46 p.m. Tuesday) Iím sitting in the back seat of my car right now between classes. I thought I had something to say, but I guess I really don't. Man, that's why I came here. Well, that and to check my email, which I can't anyway. Oh, and also to eat my lunch. :)

(6:03 p.m.) Finally home. I'm trying to get everything done before I have to turn in all my work later this week. But first I want to get some food in my belly. I'm happy to say that I've been eating better the last couple of weeks. I'm still losing weight, but that's not a totally bad thing. In a week from now I'll be done with my first semester at CSUN. That means only three more semesters to go, if all goes according to plan of course. My food might be burning, I'll finish this up later.

(6:35 p.m.) Done with dinner now, but I'm itching for something chocolate. What is the deal?! Can I just say that I'm ready to pass out? Yeah, I'm ready to pass out right now. My left leg is hurting me, and has been hurting me all day long. Am I falling apart here or what?

(6:55 p.m.) So yes, I'm sure I'm not making any sense here. I'm EXHAUSTED right now. This semester is ending just in time, though I'm already getting sentimental about everyone. My writing class is pretty cool, and someone even mentioned that we might still meet once a month to talk about our stories. That would be ultra cool. Now if I could just get that happening for all my classes it would be cool. Even those bitchy girls in my writing about literature class are invited, if only to have that continued bitchiness there to contrast our gregarious and loquacious nature.

Despite the fact that I'm ready to pass out right now tonight is going to be a long night. What with a bunch of poetry stuff due Thursday. Maybe I'll have an ice cold Coke right now. Ahhh, that will certainly hit the spot but I'm too lazy to get up. This entry sucks huh? OK, maybe I should just quit before I'm ahead.
End communication.

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