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End of the Fall semester '05 -- 12.08.05
Today was an emotional day for a TON of reasons. It was a year ago that my Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. And today was basically the last day of class. I still have some things due on Tuesday, but that's basically show up and turn in stuff that day. I have a test on Tuesday morning, but after that I just turn in my stuff to my poetry professor and I'm done until January 31st, 2006. Which strangely enough will be the one year anniversary of my Grandmother passing away. I tell you, there are some crazy coincidences going on here. Some of them are laughable, others are downright tough. Today I didn't think about my Grandmother's illness though, rather I tried to just enjoy the last day of class, which I did. I'm so going to miss the bunch of people I met this semester. They really made my first semester at CSUN a memorable one. Now on to the pictures I took today. My plan for today was to basically take as many pictures as possible, and post as many as possible to represent the day I had today. On with the pictures already.

I stepped on to campus around 7:30 this morning, ready for the last day of the semester. I had all my papers in hand, and my mind was sharp. OK, my mind wasn't completely sharp, but it was sharp enough I felt.

This is the Art center as I turned the corner on my way to my morning class. It's the walk I've been taking since day one. When I first stepped onto campus I wore my Grandmother's ring on a necklace around my neck. It was representative of her, of course, and the journey that I would now have to make without her. She had wanted to see me graduate with my degree, but sadly she died before that happened. So I took her ring with me to have her come along with me, if you will. Turning in front of the Art department made me think of that moment.

My photo professor, upside down for no real reason other than I turned the camera upside down. From day one I wanted to arrive on campus and cause a splash. I don't think I made a huge splash, but the splash I made was a nice one. I've taken a few photo classes in my day, since back in high school, and this last one was by far the most fun. I finally found a professor that actually likes photography, and isn't completely bitter about it, like my previous professors.

Jennie from my photo class is great. She is so Jennie is all I can say. At her age I didn't know myself AT ALL. She knows who she is, and doesn't hide it ONE BIT. Nor should she. I hope I run into her in another class because I really play well off her.

Here are some of my classmates from my Writing about Literature class. My literature class was super fun, and the one I goofed off in the MOST. There were times when I didn't hear a thing the professor said. When a professor is this nice I guess I have the need to just be completely obnoxious. LOL Actually I can't say that I didn't like any of my classes. Each one had a quality all its own. I'll remember this literature class for the gaggle of "bitches" that sat close to me. They were all right I guess, but they seemed to look their noses down on "our" group (our being Brina, Liz and Me). I admit it, the three of us talked over the teacher, and were generally louder than anyone else in the class. But still, it's not like that class was a challenge or anything.

Portrait of me, taken by Brina after the Writing about Literature class. Brina is too cool. The talks we had while walking to our next class were just too much fun. I wish I had the words to describe those talks. I'll just say that I'll miss you most of all Scarecrow, er Brina.

Brina, being goofy. Again, this is why Brina and I clicked. I'm totally weird, and she's a total goofball.

My coat, messenger bag, and wrinkled shirt, as taken by Brina. In a crazy moment Brina took my camera out of my hand and started to snap pictures of me, the floor, her shoes, anything.

Case in point, Brina's feet, er shoes. NICE shoes, don't you think?

My Prose writing class was quite fun. One of my classmates brought donuts, and wow was that nice. We spent most of the class pretty much just talking about what our plans were for the winter break. Our little critique group was so good that we would often sit around after being done with the stories in order to continue talking about anything and everything. Someone even said that we should continue meeting and talking about our stories. I hope this does happen, even if only online. I really like these people. I found each and every one of them to be fine, smart, and upstanding citizens.

My Poetry class waiting outside in the hallway, since we were locked out of our class. This was the last class of the day for me, and by this time I was exhausted. I didn't have lunch because I ended up talking up a storm with two of my classmates from this class. It was a conversation that was ripe with let us say tension. I don't think I laughed more all semester.

The last picture of a long day, taken just as I stepped off campus for the second to last time this year. I spent the better part of an hour talking to a couple of my classmates from my poetry class after we finished. I walked them to their next class, and then I finally went home. The emotional impact of this day is just now hitting me. I made some good friends this semester. I know that I'll see a lot of them again, perhaps in other classes, or perhaps in social situations. To those I won't ever see again I say thanks for being you. I know they'll never read this, but I just wanted to say that to the universe.

Next week will be anticlimactic, since the big events happened today. I won't be going to my literature class, or my prose class. I'll go to my photo class, and drop off some things at my poetry professor's office, and that's it. I'll have to sign up for classes that day too. I don't know where I'll get the money for tuition. I'm hoping that my credit holds up, that's all. I know that I'll incur over $4,000 worth of debt in the next couple of weeks, from tuition and a recent property tax reassessment. I don't have that kind of cash, so I'll have to float some more debts, but you know what? I've never been happier in my life. I'm not going to focus on what I don't have, I'm going to focus on what I do have. And thankfully I have a lot.
End communication.

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