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Where is my head? -- 12.10.05
I'm so happy 'cause today
I've found my friends
They're in my head

(12:20 a.m.) I'm about to pass out right now, but I wanted to start this entry for some stupid reason. This might be the only thing that I write before I just fall into bed. Matter of fact, it is the last thing that I'm going to write. I'm dead tired.

(10:07 a.m.) Woke up at exactly 4 a.m. this morning in some sort of a funk. My radio was on, and so was a light. What I wrote in the previous paragraph was no joke. I literally passed out before I could turn off the radio and the light. So yeah, I woke up at 4 and noticed that I still had my light on, and the radio was playing. Wasn't feeling well AT ALL. I figured that I best just go back to sleep. What was the use of being up at 4 in the morning? So yeah, I did fall back to sleep in like two seconds.

I keep saying this but, so yeah... I shouldn't have gotten out of bed today. I just feel so fucked up right now. I hate that it has to be one of those days that I'm feeling the effects of bottling up a week's worth of emotions. When will I learn to just completely let go? Wait, I already told myself that opening the floodgates would be a bad idea because there's so much that I say now that gets me in trouble. If I said anything beyond what I say now there would be some serious alienation going on. I'd be an outcast for sure.

How about I talk about what happened last night, that was pleasant. There was this whole art thing going on, I can't think of the right words right now. Let me explain it this way, the school's art gallery was opening a new exhibit, and the photo club and some other thing piggy backed on the opening and showed some cool art.

One of my pictures made it the wall of the photo club thingie, unframed and oriented wrong. Oh well. There was to be a prize for the photo that got the most votes. I'm sorry for my awful grammar right now, I should know better since I'm an English major but I'm so out of it. So yeah, excuse me!

Anyway, later on I was in the photo lab watching the tabulation of the votes. My picture got the third, or forth, to last amount of votes. Good times, NOT!

Even I didn't vote for myself, as witnessed by the picture above. I voted for the one next to mine, and two others I really liked. Number 9 didn't fair too well either which makes sense since I thought it was cool and I'm always good at doing the EXACT opposite of what everything else is doing. (See there, I didn’t end that last sentence with a preposition)

Dammit… aunt it calling me to the breakfast table. BRB

(1:14 p.m.) Back from eating breakfast. ARGH, right in the middle of me doing a couple of things at once. I hate that food breaks into what I'm doing. I especially hate it when food stops me from writing. Why the hell do I need to eat anyway?! ARGH!

Can you tell I'm in a pissy mood? Well I am. Thankfully my cousin came over and I'm not in THAT much of a mood now. Don't worry faithful readers, if you want pissy I'll get pissy in a few minutes I'm sure.

Back to last night's event, there was this donut "bake sale" made up of donut artwork.

The exhibit was basically a bunch of cool donuts that you couldn't eat, but that were sure cool to look at. My favorite was the Gustav Klimt inspired donut (below).

I would have bought it if I had more than two dollars in my pocket, because I really love Gustav Klimt's style. Shit, it's 1:30 and I've yet to take my morning shower, or start moving, or anything. I hate being this lazy. That's it, enough writing now. I'm going to get into the shower and do have to do today. Wow this entry sounds like it sucks.
End communication.

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