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Fall semester final comments -- 12.13.05

(11:12 a.m.) I'm sitting in the "computer" lounge area of the Sierra Center (pictured above) waiting for my poetry professor to show up to her office. She said that she would be up in her office after 3 p.m. today, but I went up there earlier to see if I could maybe drop off my work before then. No such luck though. I'm going to see if she's in her office in a little more than an hour.

Another delay is in adding classes for the Spring semester. Apparently, the school doesn't think that I've had all my shots. So I had to take proof that I'm not a walking petri dish to the health office. ARGH! Now I'll have to wait until later today to sign up for classes. At least my advisor told me that the classes I picked are A-OK.

(5:18 p.m.) Back home now. Today I got a lot of stuff done, thankfully. My new cough is getting worse by the day. How come I'm sick again? What's the deal here? ARGH! Cough be gone! I'll try my best to force this cough from my body in the next day or two. (thinks super hard)

So yeah, today was my last day of the Fall semester. I had my photo final and turned in my poetry portfolio. I also signed up for classes, and got my parking permit. So I'm all set for the Spring semester, which starts in about a month and a half. I'm going to be taking 15 units in the Spring, going to class from around 11 a.m. to around 7 p.m. a couple of days a week.

OMG, I turned in my final photo assignment today and I'm not happy with how it came out. It fucking sucked, completely and totally. Also, when someone tells me that I did well it makes me hate the pictures all the more. Yeah, trying something and failing is fine and well, and a learning experience. But, that doesn't mean that I have to be happy with the shittiness of the project. ARGH! DOUBLE ARGH! I think I said in my write-up that I wouldn't blame my professor (Grafia del Sol) if she gave me an F on that assignment. I kid you not, it was a complete failure.

I blame my brain for being utterly bereft of energy at the end of this semester. I had to do A LOT of writing, what with THREE English classes. Especially these last three weeks before finals. Damn, how the hell am I doing to make it with FOUR English classes next semester? Damn, that's a lot of writing. OK, I'll have to buckle down that's all. I'll do it, or die trying. LOL Don't worry, I'm now the master of the quick-write paper. The kid here had to write a short story, a poem, explicate a poem and critique it, and write a short analysis of a short story, all in four hours. Did I panic? Nope (well, maybe a tiny bit), I just went about writing my brilliant work. LOL Of course I got it done fool. What did you expect me to say? "Oh, I didn't get them done on time?" Hell no, and I still had plenty of time to watch the late news. LOL

So yeah (I say that a lot huh), my first semester at CSUN was pretty cool. It wasn't a cakewalk by any means, but my fears before going were unmerited. I thought that I would be completely overwhelmed by the new environment, meanwhile I fit in like a glove on hand fool. Then I was worried whether I was actually able to do the work required. Again no problem, fit right in. Hell, I've been doing this long enough to know how to do it right. My friend Angelica Charla pretty much told me that it would be cake, and I have to say it nearly was. LOL My brain is mush, but it's still a damn good feeling.

So, here's my plan for Spring. Of course take my classes and pass them with flying colors, which means I'm going for all aces. I doubt that I'll get all aces this semester, which sucks. I did well in my literature and writing classes, but for some reason I kept making stupid mistakes with the POV in my writing class assignments. It was stupid, and a product of writing the assignment down but not double-checking when I started to write my assignments. I have a solid B in that class, I think. LOL Literature I did well in, despite it being my goof-off class. My photo professor thinks that I'm a big goof in her class. She has NO idea what kind of a goof I was on my writing about literature class. The little group I sat with, Liz, Brina and myself, were pretty much talking hens. She would look over at us, and one, or two, of us would be talking right over her. It was completely sad. The saving grace will be the extra credit I did in that class. I overachieved in that class a bit, sometimes doing two assignments when there was only one required. Again, I should've paid more attention when the assignments were being given out. That one is a toss-up A. So if my calculations go well I should be on the honor dinner roll in no time. LOL Wait, this paragraph was supposed to be about my plans for the next semester.

The school paper needs me. LOL They need my wit, and humor. They seem like a humorless bunch there when I visited them. Still, they liked my work enough to publish it (TWICE IN A WEEK). YAY ME! I know I'll be taking 15 units next semester, but I like to try to become the Edward R. Murrow of my university. In an era of so much infotainment the truth is lost in a wash of propaganda disguised as "talk" shows on Fox and other stations. Gee, what do you really think about this Eric?

Seriously, hard news seems to be retired. The only serious news shows on TV are Frontline and the News hour, so it seems to me. There is no one journalist that you can point to these days that is the Murrow of our times. Man, watching "Good Night and Good Luck" really put the reporter's bite in me huh?

It's also this Bush character. I don't think people realize how dangerous this man really is. Because he comes off as a buffoon, we tend to forget that his actions will ultimately lead to the destruction of our freedoms. I wrote about it in the last piece I submitted to the paper, but Murrow said it best. "We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home." Poignant words in these times of renewed political witch-hunts cloaked as patriotic deeds.

I took the following picture at 1:45 p.m. just as I was leaving campus today. See you in February CSUN!

End communication.

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