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Come fly the friendly Eric -- 12.16.05
(10:56 a.m.) Anyone that knows me is familiar with the fact that I take a TON of pictures. It's a known fact that I take between 200 to 400 pictures a week. Some weeks it's more, like this past weekend (before I got sick) I went to the Grove and took approximately 80 pictures. My poor camera batter doesn't last long enough I'm sorry to say. I'll have to get another one I think. But, I digress. The reason I bring this up is that I don't post every single one of my pictures on my homepage. I have a photo blog on Text America and Flickr but I don't share those pictures to you all. So here goes, The Picture of the Day.

"We all scream for ice cream!"

OK, I'm still sick. To the point that if I try to talk I start to cough instantly. This bastard cold really has me by the throat, quite literally. At least I'm not feeling as bad as I was yesterday. So yeah, I am getting better even if it is in tiny increments. I took a super warm shower this morning in order to help that last bit of cold out of my body. I hope it works. That and mass quantities of drugs will hopefully kick this cold's ass.

(6:56 p.m.) I'm itching to know my grades. Did I mention that I'm hoping to get all aces this, and every, semester? Probably not, but that's what I'm striving for. It's crazy because back in high school my GPA was nowhere near even a 3.0. Even at Santa Monica my GPA was just short of a 3.0. To get a 4.0, or close to it, would be super great right now. Fuck yeah, let's see if I can do that. If not, well the hell with that idea. LOL

Today was the last Howard Stern show on what is now called terrestrial radio. It was a bittersweet moment but I'm happy to see him go. Not because I'm not a huge fan but because now the show I enjoy will be free of censorship. For the last few years I've had to suffer through a slew of censors in order to listen to the show I love. I think the greatest freedom we have is our freedom of speech. Love Howard Stern or hate him you and ever American must stand up for his right to say what he wants, and for the right for you to listen to what you want. Howard has become a champion of censorship because of the fact that he is on the front lines of the censorship battle. I believe that so-called "obscene" language is exactly the kind of language that is protected by our first amendment. Those who would like to control our thoughts go about it by first controlling what we say. They will call it obscene, profane, and/or dangerous. But it is those who would control our thoughts that are obscene, profane, and dangerous. So love Howard Stern or hate him know that his language is obscene, often profane, and always dangerous, but not to those of us who see a day when we are truly free. For now that privilege is held by those who can afford it, as it always happens in history.

I caught up on my TV watching yesterday as I convalesced. I still have to catch up with a month's worth of "Lost" episodes, but at least I'm all caught up with my other regular shows: Veronica Mars, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Grey's Anatomy, and Cheap Seats. Oh SNAP, Ghost Whisperer is on, er, I mean the Laker game. LOL
End communication bitches!

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