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Hush hush... voices carry -- 12.19.05
Quick... you want to blast your speakers, what album do you choose? With no one home Sunday I blasted my room with the sounds of Marvin Gaye's "Midnight Love." For those who don't know, "Midnight Love" was Marvin's last album, and the only one that won him a Grammy (for the song Sexual Healing). Which goes to show you how big of a farce the Grammys are, and have always been. But yeah, I think my speakers are smoking after the "Midnight Love" workout I gave them. LOL It's sick how loud these things can get without distorting the sound. "Midnight Love" is the only super audio CD I own, which kinda sucks because the sound is fucking incredible. Why am I talking about this? I digress.

Today's Picture of the Day is called "People and Fish: Scenes from the Monterey Aquarium."

And as an added bonus, how about another picture of the day "Hershey's Chocolate Cake."

Despite the name it didn't taste that good. Damn Denny's sucks SO MUCH. Every time I've eaten at Denny's, all three times, I've gotten sick the next morning. Something about that place that just doesn't agree with my stomach, the food.

(2:07 p.m.) What is it about my neighbor's fruit tree that compels everyone to stop and take an orange? I was leaving for the post office when I saw this car drive up and stop. The driver got out, walked across the street and took an orange from my neighbor's tree. I remember talking to my neighbor about how he once had a guy come up with a grocery bag ready to be filled with oranges. I'm glad my orange tree is inside my yard, and not hanging out there in the street like my neighbor's. It's amazing, my neighbor gave me an open invitation to pick some oranges, but I never do. But it seems that everyone that comes by thinks they have an open invitation to his oranges.

The post office is completely full today, since today is the busiest mailing day of the year. I HAD to get some stamps though, so I bypassed the lines and went right to one of those stamp machines they have in the lobby. What gets me about those machines is the change they dispense. When you have to get more than a dollar in change back they stick you with these Sacagawea dollar coins. It's funny because no one else uses them but the post office vending machines. If I tried to buy a Snickers, let's say, from another vending machine there is no way that I could put this Sacagawea dollar in. The machine would probably think it's a quarter and then ask for more money. BAH! Now I have five Sacagawea dollars weighing down my pockets. I'll use them, of course, they are money.

I got my Hendrix catalog the other day. Of course it's full of cool Hendrix stuff that I CAN'T afford to get. Well, I can get some Hendrix stickers for $3 or so. Maybe, but then shipping will be like $5 for something like that huh? Yeah, another year without a Hendrix sticker for me. Oh well.

I emailed my mea culpa last night. I had to carefully word it because I didn't want to get into any more hot water, like that might be possible. Oh well, I made a mistake and I apologized. What else can I do? Yeah, there's not doing it in the future. I think I'll just my mouth shut from now on. People have always had problems with what I say, and I'm beginning to think that it's best if I just write these things and not say them. That's my strength anyway (writing). LOL Speaking of writing, I have a TON of writing to finish. I only have a few weeks to finish this project. Then there's still a bunch of rewrites, followed by more rewrites, and finally a nice long proof read.

(4:00 p.m.) I'm about to pass out. This happens when I get on a writing jag and I forget to drink or eat. My throat is parched, and I'm feeling rather weak from not having any food in my belly. Ah, the perils of being a starving writer. I should be eating instead of writing this paragraph, but I'm still on this writing jag. You know how you get when you love something and you cant' stop doing it? I'm a writer, I love to write (and I'm good at it). This semester pretty much proved to me that I can write under pressure. I don't know how many times I had what seemed like a ream of paper due the next day, and I busted it out in no time. There's just something about tapping out the words when I HAVE a deadline to beat. Like right now I'm busting out this sentence even as my body is telling me to quit and get some stupid food into my belly. I need brain food, really, but for now I just took a swig of Coke for that little bit of sugar that I need to stave off a sugar low. Mmm, sugar low! Wait, that's no good, I should really get some food. I think I'll have a salad. Why I am I telling you this? I should just go.

(4:33 p.m.) Still here. I had to finish a little project, looking for a power adapter. Thankfully I found an adapter that works with this radio that I have. OK, time for dinner.

(6:02 p.m.) MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! Because a game between two non-playoff teams is better than no game at all.
End communication.

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