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You deserve your Eric today -- 12.22.05
Today's Picture of the Day is entitled "This is not a Pipe."

Get it? OK, moving on...

(9:09 p.m.) Back home after a long day of day tripping it to Downtown and Pasadena. My uncle had to go downtown for his meds, and I tagged along because my aunt wanted me to find something. Someone told her that she might find this particular item, a possible x-mas gift for someone in the family, downtown. I headed down to the fashion district and found a MOB of people, as illustrated in the following picture.

The fashion district is a mess of little stalls and people clamoring to find a bargain. It's also rife with illegal sales and counterfeit items, but no one seems to care. I spotted a couple of police officers doing some last minute Christmas shopping there too. I stood waiting for my uncle to buy a hat when I spotted the criminal element walking around. They gathered right in front of me, like I was invisible, talking about the two cops that were walking up the street. They thought that the cops were patrolling, which in a way I guess they were. Little did they know that the cops were shopping. A stop by a parking enforcement officer made a couple of street vendors put up shop and move to another part of the street.

I have a friend that NEVER takes mass transit because she's a snob. She might say that it's because she's worried about being mugged, but it's actually because she's a snob. I don't mind it, though there are times when I wish I had a gas mask with me. No need for gas masks today though.

I really just like exploring downtown. As a child my family would go downtown every weekend, but then we stopped. Now with the subway, and the new orange line, which I jump on here at the Sepulveda station, I'm going to downtown more often. And you know what? I really like downtown. If anyone of you (my friends) want to go downtown some time be sure to tell me. There are a million great buildings to take pictures of. OMG, the Fine Arts Building has such an incredible lobby, but the pictures I took were all blurry. I want to go back there and take some stable pictures. LOL

There are probably a billion useless trinkets in Chinatown, but not the one my aunt sent me to look for. Every store I went to sold the same things. You would think that some of these stores would have SOMETHING different. Nope, every store pretty much had the same stupid golden cat waving. Who the hell would buy such a thing? More importantly, why would you give this as a gift? It's just completely sad. But hey, they're making a living with those trinkets; I'm just starving.

What is it about riding the subway that makes so many people sleepy? I notice it happening to me too. On my way home I was wide-awake, but then half way home I noticed that my eyes were starting to get heavy. I turned up the volume on my iPod and hoped to wake myself up. The guy sitting across from me did not fight his drowsiness.

He was carrying a half empty box of Krispy Kreme donuts that were pretty much getting smashed up under his ever tightening sleepy grip. It was quite a comical sight. I was jealous that he had a half box of donuts though. I should say that I am jealous of that guy's half box of donuts. I could REALLY go for a donut right now.

Last but not least...

I got my Getty Villa tickets today! It's official, come March 6th, 2006 I'll be one of the horde going to the reopened Getty museum in Malibu. Can you believe the museum has been closed for nearly a decade? Manischewitz! So yeah, I can't wait to see the museum. But it's funny because I picked a Monday thinking I wasn't going to have class, but it turns out I do have a Monday class. Thankfully it doesn't start until past 4:30 p.m., so I'll have plenty of time to go to the Getty and still make it to class on time. If not, then I guess I'll be taking a "sick" day that particular Monday. LOL
End communication.

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