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And to all a good night -- 12.24.05

(5:10 P.M.) Santa Claus is coming. Well, at least for some of us seeing as I didn't put up a x-mas tree this year. I think it's a requirement that there be a tree to put presents under. LOL Hey, I didn't want anything anyway. I'm pretty tired of getting gifts. Mainly because I feel that Christmas shouldn't be about buying extravagant gifts that put you into deep debt. OK, off my soapbox for now. So yeah, to all of you who celebrate this, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Chanukah.

Photoshop is a marvel. Today I spent the better half of the morning working on this new photography section of my website. I know what you're saying, "How many more sections devoted to photography can you have?!" There are still a few more ideas in my head, so look out. LOL OK, that was quite a boring paragraph. Moving on...

I was saving this for later in the week but what the hell. In a spare moment or two I also post my opinions on another journal called Windmills. What follows is a cross section of "posters" I like to call The Windmills Year in Review.

(9:44 p.m.) I'm home after going over to my aunt's house for Christmas dinner. She was alone because her daughter's were spending most of the evening at their father's house. So we took a bunch of food over to her house and had at it.

It may sound completely trivial but last year at this time the specter of death hovered over my life. My Grandmother had basically been given a death sentence with the diagnosis of cancer. Shortly after her diagnosis my pet duck died after being attacked by something. That little duck was such a cute creature. I tell you she had more personality then some of the people I know. She was stubborn, shy, cute and kind. Yes a duck was all those things. Even now thinking of her brings tears to my eyes because I miss her so. December 15th was the anniversary of her death. With all that was going on I didn't get a chance to mark that sad anniversary, so I'm doing it now. This is part of what I said last year.

She was a ray of happiness in my life. I don't think I've ever had a pet that brought me more joy that this duck. My Grandma and I could always talk about the cute things she did during the day. I often found that Daisy started many a conversations between us (my Grandmother and I). Tomorrow morning we'll talk about her. I know we will always talk about her. The house feels so sad right now, what with my Grandmother not here and now Daisy not quacking up a storm. She will be missed. I think I loved that duck as much as anyone can love a pet. I'll miss you Daisy.

It might seem completely silly to get all teary-eyed over a duck, or any pet for that matter. But we share our lives with our pets, and they become a member of the family. We care about them, and we get joy from their presence in return. I raised Daisy from the time she was three days old. I fed her, took care of her, and worried when she got sick. To pour that much emotion into something and not expect sorrow when it is gone is to expect someone to be inhuman. I miss my duck for all the funny little things it did, for the joy it brought me, and for being the cutest duck ever.

Daisy Duck - 1996 to 2004

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