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The End of Monday Night -- 12.26.05
(10:41 a.m.) I spent the better part of my morning looking through a bunch of pictures on Flickr. I LOVE looking at photographs, and I can usually absorb a great number of photos in a short amount of time (I thank my visual aptitude for that), so I'm able to browse through a lot of pictures in a short amount of time. Looking at all those pictures really makes me want to go a digital SLR. Too bad I can't convert my old SLR into a digital camera. Now that would be too COOL for words. Alas, that's not going to happen.

Speaking of pictures, here's today's picture of the day is called "Heart/Hand."

Because all you need is Love.

(12:27 p.m.) Went back to looking at pictures on Flickr for a little bit. I love that the digital imaging revolution has given the people of the world the ability to display their photographs. There's no way I could look at so many pictures by so many people if not for the digital camera, and its ability to instantly share an image with the world. Flickr, and the other photo blog sites, is basically like having a million photo albums for my perusal. Can you tell I like looking at pictures? I'm so going to get carpal tunnel syndrome on my right hand from all the mouse clicking I'm doing right now.

(7:09 p.m.) Just got home from the mall. It's a mob scene there, which makes me wonder why I even went. I didn't have anything to buy, so I didn't have to wait in super long checkout lines. Oh yeah, my aunt invited me to go with her. I pretty much just went to up and down the mall. I only went into Crate and Barrel because they have a lot of red items. Red is my favorite color, especially the darker reds. I was looking for a tiny pen that I could carry in my pocket, but I didn't find anything.

My hair was way too long, so I cut it myself seeing as I don't have the cash to go to my barber. I had to cut it because it had officially become a pain in the ass. When my hair gets to a certain length it becomes completely unmanageable. I start to hate it, and my only thought is to get it cut as short as possible... a buzzcut. Well, I didn't give myself a buzzcut, but I certainly cut it short. It's manageable now, and a lot more comfortable. Ahhhh!

(9:19 p.m.) Just finished watching the last Monday Night Football game on ABC. A lot of people could care less about Monday Night Football, but for a football fan like myself it was an event. The greatest Monday nigh game I ever saw was Broncos vs. Chiefs at Mile High on October 17, 1994. Football fans will know what I'm taking about instantly. It was a clash of two future Hall of Famers, Elway and Montana, for the last time. Neither of them disappointed. That night was magicalm, with both teams playing an amazing game. Elway led the Broncos on a 4th quarter drive to take a 28-24 lead with 1:29 left on the clock. I remember a shot of the stadium literally hopping from the movement of the fans, that's how pumped the entire stadium was. And why not, they had just watched their hero (Elway) march the Broncos in another classic 4th quarter drive. How many times had they seen that and known that the Broncos were going to win? Too many for me to count. But then cool calm Joe Montana took the field. I remember someone saying that perhaps the Broncos had scored too quickly, and left too much time on the clock. How prophetic were THOSE words became as Montana lead the Chiefs down the field to once again break the hearts of Bronco fans. It was a game that couldn't have been better if it was scripted. That's the power of sports. In a moment a player, or a team, can go from complete elation to absolute sorrow. I remember that Monday night game because of the drama, the excitement, and the outcome. Being a HUGE 49er fan I grew up watching Montana. To see him in another uniform was not my cup of tea, but on that night it didn't matter what uniform he wore. All that mattered was that he was doing what he did best. So thank you Monday Night Football for bringing me those kind of memories. I know MNF isn't going away, just going off ABC, but there's something about the fact that it was a communal event that's going to be lost now that it's going to ESPN. First off you won't just be able to go to any TV, you'll have to have cable to watch it. Most people do, but I know a couple of people that don't have cable. Don't worry, I won't be anywhere near their homes on Monday nights. LOL Still, change is good. When Fox sports got NFL games they improved the coverage immensely. So maybe now the change to ESPN will be a change for the better.

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