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Gonna be a while? Grab an Eric -- 12.28.05
(8:18 p.m.) Snickers, I love them. I went to the 99Ę store yesterday and found some for sale. They don't always have Snickers you know. I got six Snickers for $1.98, which will last me a good couple of weeks.

My back was killing me yesterday, and as you know back pain is basically connected to stress. I'm super stressed out over this new house assessment. The county told me that we had to pay the new assessed amount even while we appeal it. They'll send us a refund when they clear this up, IF this thing is cleared. It's a pretty simple and shut case, but they're making a big mess of it. So yeah, the payment is due on Saturday and I'm going to use my immaculate credit to stave off this problem for now. Still, swimming in debt is no fun, and quite obviously a thing my mind is grappling with seeing as my back was hurting last night.

Yesterday was errand day. My aunt wanted me to get some coaxial cable to hook up the little rooms TV, so I went to Target to get the cable. I had this itch for this book, so I checked my local library but didn't find it. I checked my school library and they did find it. So I thought of driving down there for the book. I checked to see if the library was open, and according to the library's website it was. I thought it was strange, but I thought to myself, "Cool, I'll go now." I drove down there, and of course the campus was empty.

There was a smattering of people here and there, but it was kinda nice to walk around campus like the Omega Man (good movie, BTW). Of course the library wasn't really open; I must have read the website wrong. Wait; let me check it right now to see if I did misread it. Yup, I misread it. Although, there are two sets of posted hours and that's why I got confused.

Whatever... I went down there and found it closed. Duh stupid me!

So, anyone want to go to the MOCA with me next week? I'm in a museum mode right now, for some reason. Last week I went to the Getty to check out those photography exhibits, which were TOO COOL. There's this exhibit at the Geffen Contemporary downtown in Little Tokyo that I really want to see. So how about it? Nah, I know none of my friends want to go to a museum. So yeah, I'll go alone. How about the Aquarium of the Pacific? Fine, I'll stop asking.

As a nice cleansing of the palate today's picture of the day called "Loading Zone."

Today I was talking on the phone with someone and I found myself falling asleep. That totally sucks because the second I hung up the phone I found myself perfectly awake. This wasn't the first time this has happened with this particular person. As a matter of fact it happens quite often, about 80% of the time. So logically it's safe to say that this person puts me to sleep. So why stay on the phone with them? I donít really know. They always talk about the same stupid thing, and I'm pretty damn tired of it.

By contrast I talked to Freesia Dulce this morning, for the better part of an hour, and for me it felt like five minutes. I'm sure it felt like 10 hours for her though. LOL I hope not. But yeah, so why do I talk to the person that makes me sleepy? I rather not say at this point, in this forum. That statement makes me go ARGH, because I'd like to say why I talk to this person.

Speaking of not having enough time, why does it seem that the days aren't long enough to finish all my projects? There NEVER seems to be enough time to do everything I want. For the last few nights I've gone to sleep WAY late, easily making it to 3 o'clock in the morning. Even though I don't do photography like I used to, with an enlarger and film, I still find that I take a long time getting each picture just right. There's just never enough time.

Shit, I have a bunch of emails I have to write. I haven't written to my cousin in a couple of weeks, even though I promised myself that I would write her at least once a week. I suck, I admit it right here and right now. There are also a couple of friends and a couple of classmates that I want to say hi to.
End communication.

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