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Too much television to watch -- 01.08.06
I downloaded the Firefox 1.5 Friday night and I was instantly surprised as to how fast pages were rendered. I have DSL at home so most web pages don't take that long to load. Yet, there was a noticeable difference in speed after I downloaded the newest Firefox. I've been a big proponent of Firefox ever since I discovered it. I mean come on, IE sucks, and sadly Netscape Navigator died a painful death long ago. Thank the maker for Firefox because it is just too cool. I hope you all get it because it really is the browser of the future.

Moving on... I have a TON of shows to watch. I have a nice pile of video tapes (yes I still use sucky VHS tapes) with shows to watch. I have episodes of Lost from before Thanksgiving. I haven't had any time to devote to watching any TV. Which might be a good thing actually. Now I have a pile of tapes. So last night I tried to get through a few of them. I watched the Humphrey Bogart movie "Sahara," followed by "March of the Penguins," and finally the show "Rollergirls." That's a LOT of television watching if you ask me. I still have four episodes of "Lost," as well as "Dancing with the stars." Last season I watched that and it was just stupid funny to see people dance around like total fools and take it SO seriously. This season they have Jerry Rice as one of the dancers. JERRY-FREAKING-RICE! The man holds every receiving record in the National Football League, and now in retirement he's dancing on TV. This guy should be running the post route right now, not ballroom dancing. But, I haven't seen the show. Maybe during one of the dance routines they'll have Jerry run a deep route. I'll tell you if he does after I watch the show. Hell, I still have the Rose Parade, which was a week ago.

Today's picture of the day is entitled "Andre the Giant has a posse."

I'm a big movie buff. There's this list making the rounds where people list the movies they've seen. Man, my list would be way long, but also include movies that a lot of people have not seen. One movie I always bring up is one of the most incredible movies ever, "Ikiru" by Akira Kurosawa. I always say to call it a movie is incomplete. I first saw the movies years ago, on laserdisc of all things. I used to rent laserdiscs at this place on Ventura blvd. in Studio City called Dave's Video. The place closed down a few years ago. But if you wanted a movie on laserdisc they would probably have it. Anyway, I saw this movie and it really changed my life. Now how many movies can say that? Ironically enough the movie is about a man who is diagnosed with stomach cancer. Having now lived through two of my relatives dying of that same ailment the movie hits home all the more. How did I get on this subject again? I'm not entirely sure but I'm going with it wherever it goes.

For some reason I'm drawn to film noir movies, and movies about the individual fighting the existential world. I'd love to talk movies with someone, but all my friends ever watch are the Hollywood blockbusters. Some of them are good though, like the new wave of comic book based movies like the newest Batman, or the Spider-man series. Both of those explore the characters within, and their motives. A lot can be said as far as what character you like. If you like Spider-man you are probably a jokester, and into having fun. If you're into Superman you're probably into the ideal. And if you're into Batman you're into exploring the darker side of your personality.

The Batman is the one I'm drawn to because of his darker side, which is who he really is. His alter ego isn't Batman, it's Bruce Wayne. That's what's different about his character. Superman can never be anything but Superman. If he does something stupid like give up his powers for Lois Lane, that's one thing. But notice how he was like, "Oh shit, I'm not super anymore." and then quickly ran back and got his powers back somehow. Spider-man is also always Spider-man. He can't turn it off or on. Batman is the only one of these three characters that choose to be Batman. He can leave it, if he so wished. But in a sense he really can't because he too is always Batman. The light and playboy facade he puts on as Bruce Wayne is there only to keep people from talking. All of these characters intrigue me because they lead dual lives, which they somehow manage to keep straight (most of the time).

Damn, how did I get on this jag now? This is what happens when you give me an open forum, or in this case a "blank sheet" of paper. I start to go on a tangent and write and write and write. So yeah, none of my friends ever watch the movies I watch. So we can ever talk about the movies because they're like, "I've never seen that, but I did see Star Wars episode 2, when Yode fights off that Count Chocula guy." ARGH!

Anyway, speaking of watching television I still have a couple of shows to watch.
End communication.

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