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A little bit of everything -- 01.18.06
Today's picture of the day is entitled "Up to 70˘ a pound."

One of the reasons I love my iPod is because with it on I can literally shut out the world around me. This fact is important because it's the only way I could stay sane in this insane world. When I figuratively stick my head out and look around at the world I see how insane we all act, while pretending that our actions are perfectly normal. There are a few things that I have to write about today.

There was a story on the news on Tuesday that really made me shake my head. Monday was MLK day, a day in which we celebrate the life of a man who sought to bring understanding to our stupid heads. Sadly the great majority of people still live stupid little lives with heads filled with stupid little thoughts and beliefs. Case in point, there are apparently some residents of Santa Clarita (which is a community north of the San Fernando Valley) don't like the idea of a predominately Hispanic oriented market opening a location in their town. The news had a quick report last night and I was shocked to hear what was coming out the mouths of some of the people they interviewed. To me many of the comments were just short of being racist, while others were blatantly racist. I usually hate it when someone labels someone else a racist for comments that are innocent. But the comments I heard on that news report could not be labeled as innocent by any means. No one came out and said, "We don't want a spick market in our white town," but that attitude was certainly conveyed by some of the comments. Not everyone said that of course. There were obviously those who have no problem with a market that caters to the Hispanic community opening a store in their town. But it just goes to show you how veiled racism really is in this country. Everything seems to always be about race when we're all one race, human. Until we realize that things aren't going to change. People will still close their doors and their minds to anything that is perceived as different... how sad.

Star Jones has a new book out. The email announcing it says the book, "Includes lots of fun advice on everything from fashion to fitness." It continues, "'Shine' is designed to put you on the path to real love so it also includes advice on how to steer clear of Mr. Wrong and Mr. Not Quite Right."

Now I'm no fan of Star Jones. I think she comes off as conceited and pretentious, and never seems to be generous in anything other than her opinions. While having opinions isn't in and of itself a bad thing, Star Jones seems to come off as an arrogant know-it-all that frankly doesn't know a thing. But I don't know the woman and she might be getting some bad press, I'll grant her that much.

What does fascinate me about Star Jones is her new look. She has slimmed down quite a bit in the past few months I guess. She's certainly not svelte by any stretch of the imagination. It's just odd to see her new thinned out face because I'm starting to think that she is one of these people that looked better when she's carrying a few extra pounds. The Gallery of the Absurd, one of my favorite sites online, features a portrait of Star Jones sporting her new look called: The Strange Morphing Face of Startled Jones.

OMG, reading the "sneak preview" of the book is simply incredible. Here are a couple of choice excerpts from the "sneak preview."

In "Shine" she shares it all in her wise, revealing, irreverent, laughout-loud style. "Shine" is divided into three main sections, each exploring core issues of interest to women. Part One guides women into being their most attractive physical selves using Star’s personal secrets on losing weight and finding hair, fashion and makeup chic (inexpensively). Part Two asks tough questions about emotional preparedness for a relationship and shows readers how to think like lawyers, as they get their financial and emotional houses in order. Part Three delves into a woman’s spiritual life.

Readers will discover how to talk to God no matter what their religion, and learn Star’s 'absolutes'—truisms that have always worked for her and continue to give her guidance. Spiking the book are quizzes and self-assessment exercises, helping the reader focus on her particular strengths and weaknesses.

Let me pause for a moment... (LOL!) Good luck with the new book Star.

If you want to read something intelligent may I suggest my newest Windmills journal essay entitled "Claiming Victory While Losing." Here's a sneak peek.

The eavesdropping the Bush administration claims will help defeat terrorism actually represents a victory for terrorist tactics. While the Bush administration trumpets the military victories overseas, an ideological victory can be claimed by the terrorists. The 9/11 attacks shocked this nation into a reactionist stupor whose chief symptom is a willingness to believe the lies perpetrated by this administration.

Go, go read the rest of it and tell me what YOU think. You certainly can't tell me that this world is sane, that's for sure. I dare you, go ahead I double dare you.
End Communication.

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