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"World's First Sports Utility Vacuum" -- 01.29.04
(12:52 p.m.) I'm literally minutes away from going out, but I wanted to start this entry so I could wake up. I'm SO sleepy right now. It serves me right for staying up late to watch unfunny SNL. I don't even watch SNL that often these days, Mad TV is WAY funnier.

During either SNL or Mad TV last night I saw this crazy commercial for what Hoover is calling "The World's First Sports Utility Vacuum." I quickly went online and checked out the features of this, the world's first utility vacuum. Sure enough it has everything that today's SUVs have. It will deplete the ozone layer faster and get fewer miles per gallon that other vacuums. The good thing is that if you're looking for a vacuum that can traverse rocks and small hills this is definitely the vacuum for you. I think that Cadillac might be coming out with the first canister truck next week... so it looks like the fight is on between Hoover and Cadillac.

Now why Hoover went with the title "Sports Utility Vacuum" is beyond me. What the hell does Sports have to do with a vacuum? Nothing, duh. I think someone at Hoover should really think about what kind of image they want to project with this completely crazy idea to equate a vacuum to a car concept that is the epitome of today's decadence. Hoover, a little friendly advice from me... drop the idea of SUV references and go with something futuristic like say the Jetsons, microwave popcorn, or maybe Star Trek. Yeah, name the new vacuum the Enterprise, put the number 1701 on the side and boom instant futuristic vacuum. Maybe call Lucas, who is always willing to sell out his character for stuff like this, and ask him to have R2D2 in a commercial where he falls in love with the new D4Q8-X94 vacuum (formally the first sports utility vacuum). Man, now wouldn't that be PERFECT? There you go Hoover, some great advice for nothing. I might have to write Hoover with these ideas.

(10:35 p.m.) OK, watching one of my favorite shows and typing is not that easy. Especially when the TV is in a completely different direction than my computer. :( I so need to go wireless so I can sit in front of the TV while I type. Yeah, multitasking rules! It's a commercial break right now. Today I went to a birthday party for a one year old and had a great time. How funny that I will go to other people's birthday parties and want to leave shortly after arriving. My own birthday celebrations come to mind. I wish no one made a big fuss over the whole thing. I think that's why I liked not having to deal with Christmas this year, because it afforded me an opportunity to not have to deal with the whole bit production. Ahh, that was not just refreshing but relaxing. I so didn't have to deal with Christmas, the next thing to eliminate is my birthday celebration. BRB, Grey's Anatomy is back on.

(11:03 p.m.) I can't do the late night thing from now on, except maybe on the weekends. I have class tomorrow, poetry, but also a job interview in the morning. I don't want to be a mess when I show up for the interview. Man, I tell you the last few months have been hell on the job front. I've put in a bunch of applications and this is only the second one that's called me back. The first one got fucked up because I wasn't home to take the call. I called them back, and called them, and called them yet again only to get the big kiss off. Why can't people just be honest and tell you "Don't hold your breath," instead of "we'll call you." What the fuck, who invented that shit about telling someone they will call them when they have no intentions of doing so. Gee, is this what it's like for a girl when some dumb guy says "I'll call you" and doesn't? Must be similar. Bastard men! LOL

So where was I? Oh yeah, must go to sleep early today because despite the fact that I have a late class I have an early start tomorrow. OH man, I SO need this job. I'm literally drowning in debt right now. Tuition and that damn house reassessment really fucked me over this past month. With a few bucks coming in I can start shaving that debt down. Maybe some day I'll actually be out of debt, like I almost was about four years ago. Ah how long ago that feels now, when I was less than $1,000 in debt. But, what is living in debt but the American way these days? I'll tell you what, I don't want to be like this stupid country, living on borrowed money hoping that the bottom doesn't fall. Wish me luck. On that note I'm going to cut this short.
End Communication.

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