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A Year later -- 01.31.06
Today marks a year since my Grandmother passed away. My life has changed completely since last year. Since she passed away I've lost weight, started a new school, became depressed; got tired of being down and told myself to ship up, got a job, and today I started my second semester. And you know what? Today turned out to be a pretty bad day. I'm not sad; I didn't have time to be sad today. Tomorrow I have to call the new job so they can tell me I passed my drug test (if I did - LOL). I think that it will hit me tonight when I don't expect it.

Like I said before today pretty much sucked. The day was filled with things going wrong. Firstly I woke up early because I figured that everyone would be going to class today. Most people take classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On the drive home this guy on his cell phone rear ended me on the freeway. Thankfully we weren't going but a few miles an hour. Still the jolt was pretty damn good. Enough that I felt a little dizzy when I sat down for my first class. Parking sucked major league. My favorite spot was completely closed. My first class isn't until 11 a.m. so now parking is a factor. In short it completely sucks. Everyone goes to the 9:30 classes and pretty much stays the rest of the day. I think that Thursday I'm going to have to go an hour earlier than today. Perhaps even an hour and a half earlier than today. I might have to do that for the next few weeks until people start dropping classes. The first couple of weeks suck like this.

Thankfully I was able to get a parking spot in time for class. I actually left two hours before class, but it took me forth minutes to get to school, and then another 30 to find a spot. ARGH! It took me that long to get to school partially because I was kinda out of it after the hit. I got off at Roscoe and then went down Hayvenhurst. But instead of turning on Nordoff I kept driving until I got to Chatsworth ave. I had to double back. It was so stupid of me.

My classes seem pretty cool at least. I have a TON of reading to do this semester. Nearly all my classes this semester are going to require that I do a lot of reading. I'm a writer, not a reader. LOL

Oh, I forgot to mention that I didn't eat all day. I at just about two hours ago before I went and picked up my aunt from work. I woke up feeling super nauseous. I took this medication we have for nausea, which helped a little. The nauseous feeling came and went all day long. It kept me from eating breakfast this morning. So I pretty much just went without today until four. Then since I was waiting for my aunt anyway I got this burger at Fat Burger. That used to be one of my favorite spots for a burger. Their burgers were really big and charbroiled. Mmmm, it was tasty. Was being the operative word here seeing as it basically sucks these days. The chain changed ownership a couple of times in the last few years. The changes the first time it was sold were not subtle at all. The burgers got smaller but at least the prices didn't go up. My favorite item on the menu, the hot apple pie, was phased out. Also the taste wasn't up to par anymore. This last time it was sold it really went downhill. It basically went from having great burgers to having just so-so burgers. They still beat a McDonald's burger any day, but they aren't as tasty as other fast food places. The only thing they have is that at least the burger is cooked when you order it, and isn't cold like at the fast food joints. Still $4.30 for a burger that's about 70% the size of one they used to serve and sell for a dollar less four years ago hasn't won me over. I think that today's meal was the last time I eat at Fat Burger. At least for a while, until they go back to their roots and go back to making a great burger.

Another stupid thing that happened today is this guy who was in my Writing about Literature class last semester totally ignored me when I went up to him to say hi. He was wearing headphones, and when he looked up I waved at him. He just turned away and that was it. What a slob. We did a project together, so it's not like he didn't remember me. Again, what a total fucking slob of a person. See why humanity has no change in the long run? It's inevitably that we will kill annihilate ourselves.

My TV just came on, as it does ever weekday at 6 p.m. to watch the Simpson, but today that fucking moron asshole Bush is going to bullshit us about how the economy is great while Exxon makes record profits, and how the war in Iraq is going great even while Iran builds nuclear weapons, and how democracy is so great while he (Bush) ignores the very document in order to insure its safety. What a bastard!

Today has been a fucked up day, I'm glad I'm home now, and that American Idol is on later. I'm going to need a good laugh after today.

OK, I want to go do something before American Idol comes on. But before I go how about a picture of the day. Today's picture of the day is entitled "Clouds."

End Communication.

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