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The longest day -- 02.02.06
Thursdays are now the longest day of the week because I have class from 10 a.m. until 7:20 p.m., but in order to get a parking spot I go earlier than 10 in the morning. I'm ready to pass out right now, seeing as I've been up since six this morning. It's been a LONG day, but a fun day. OMG, today I was super happy despite the fact that I was on campus for ten hours. I'm not making sense right now am I? I will admit that I am currently typing but not really knowing what I write. I'm SO thirsty right now, and I'm being random.

Let's see if I can start to make any sense right now. Just before my first class of the day I saw this door in a side hallway. I thought it was super funny because the door clearly has a sign that says, "Keep door closed," yet the door is completely wide open.

OK, it's not THAT funny. Still, the door even has an electronic lock on it. I can see why they have that security, seeing as there's an old chair, a mini-fridge, and not pictured but still there, a paper shredder. Definitely that sort of stuff is likely to be stolen and deserves this kind of security.

I took a picture in my second class of the day, only because the front of the class has an oven, and a stove top.

OK, I went to get a drink of iced tea and in that time I woke up a little. Iím awake enough now that Iím going to continue this entry. I was going to stop writing and just post this tomorrow but I think I'll just talk right now.

My late class today is English 369. It's three hours long and has a lot of reading involved. I don't think I've ever had to reading list as long as the one for this class. It's insane. Also, there's someone in there that hates my guts, yes the girl that hates my guts is in that class. I could care less whether she hates me or not, it's not my problem. We made eye contact for like two seconds tonight. But really this is silly. I think I'll talk to her next week and just try to have her still hate me, but at least act civil towards each other. My idea is to just drop the whole silence act because it really is necessary for us to interact during class. Maybe not so much in tonight's class, but certainly in my Monday class with her, where there are 10 people. There's bound to be more interaction in that class between her and me. And really I have no animosity towards her. I don't hold grudges at all, because that's really just childish.

Time for a little break while I have a cookie. Today's picture of the day is entitled "Time to Pray."

This might sound stupid but I've had five cookies today. Yes, five whole chocolate chip cookies. That's the most I've had in a single day. I know what you're probably thinking, "Why the hell is he bitching about having five cookies?" That's a lot of cookies, I think so anyway. My motto is everything in moderation.

Well, some things I've taken completely off my list. There is no moderation involved because I've decided that certain things are better left off my list of things to worry about. I had to stop myself from doing what I told myself I wouldn't do today. It's tempting to want to return to old habits, but in the long run I'll be much better off by not going back.

My old school was in the news, kinda. Seems that some idiots shot at the cops in front of my old college (SMC). The news was all over the story this morning as I got ready to go to school. I can't imagine how sucky it must have been to go to class today. The police closed down Pico Blvd. right in the area where everyone needs to drive to enter the parking structures. I kinda missed the old school after seeing it this morning. I might have to visit my friend that still goes there. He told me that he's taking a Speech class in the Spring.

Today was a long day but man was I happy when I was driving home. I got a lot done today, and that always makes me feel happy. Anyway, time for me to get some sleep.
End Communication.

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