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Superbowl Sunday '06 -- 02.06.06
(12:14 p.m.) It's Superbowl Sunday, which many people say should be a national holiday. It's certainly celebrated more than President's day. Truly Superbowl Sunday is quintessentially American in every way. From the spectacle of it all, to the canonization of the victors, and the shame of the losers, there can be no more American event than the Superbowl. I love the game for the drama of it all. There are few events in our lives that are as final as today's game. For one day these men go out and play a game that will brand them a great player, or brand them an also-ran. If you like drama there can be no event than the Superbowl. Today's game will have highs and lows, I guarantee you that.

Today's picture of the day is entitled "Merry-go-round."

I've come to a conclusion... I don't take enough pictures. I need to take more pictures, WAY more pictures.

(3:04 p.m.) The game is minutes away, but before that all the MVPs from the previous 39 Superbowls appeared. It was so great to see all those great players in one spot. It's like a dream team roster to see all those MVPs. Madden NFL football used to have a way to play great teams from different eras head to head, but how cool would it be to watch the 1988 49ers play say the 1983 Raiders? Or say the 1985 Bears vs. the 2004 Patriots? Now that would be too cool.

(3:44 p.m.) Seattle's passing game is really sharp right now, yet the Steelers defense is not bending but not breaking.

(5:10 p.m.) The Rolling Stones are the only people on Earth older than your parents that are cooler than you think you are. That was a GREAT halftime show.

(5:31 p.m.) The second half starts with the Steelers up 7-3, despite the fact that Seattle has pretty much eaten up yards and controlled the game so far. OH shit! Willie Parker just put the Steelers up 14-3. Seattle let the Steelers stay close all the way through the first half, and now they're paying for it. Wow, what a turn of events.

(5:42 p.m.) You know, there hasn't been a single great commercial yet. Too bad because the shadow of the whole Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction still casts over the Superbowl. :(

(12:14 a.m. Monday) So the game has been over for a few hours, duh, and I just got back to this entry because I had a bunch of homework to do. Mostly reading. I'm not done, but I need a book from the library. I'm sure this is all so fascinating to you at this point. I know it is to me.

Shit, I should really go to sleep already but I have this super craving for a chocolate chip cookie. You know what? I told myself that I wouldn't pursue any kind of relationship with any woman right now. But then Thursday night there was this cute girl at the college book store. It's so fucking stupid to have this moratorium only to think about breaking it in less than a week. I'm just going to stop thinking of this and get some sleep.
End Communication.

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