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Best moment of the week -- 02.16.06
(9:07 a.m.) I'm lying in the back seat of my car, trying to stay warm. I should have brought my blankie with me. LOL Seriously I'm early for class, but that's because I want to make sure that I get a parking spot. The first week of class I was struggling to get a spot, and it drove me wild looking for one. Behind me there's a nearly constant stream of cars driving by. One by one, about once every two seconds, the cars drive by.

It's cold out, the wind is a shower of cold. A pretty girl just walked by, a vision carved from porcelain. There are still a lot of cars driving by. I wonder if there are any spaces left. Wait, I'm starting to see the same people driving by, so there must not be any spaces left. Wait, I just looked to the next level and it looks like there are a bunch of spaces left.

(4:39 p.m.) It's the start of my last class of the week, stupid ass English 369! It's my bane, the stupid jack-ass that cuts me off on the street, that itch that can't be scratched. It's all these things and literally the least favorite of all my classes EVER.

(7:13 p.m.) Right now is the best moment of the week because it's six days and 21 hours until I have to go to that stupid English 369 class. The worse stupid class I've taken, and the most frustrating. I wish I didn't have to take this class, but sadly I don't have the luxury to do that. But, the good thing is that I'm home right now and I'm enjoying not being in English 369. The bad thing is I have stupid homework for that class. Check that, the bad thing is that I have to BE in that class.

I'm taking another class that I'm not liking all that much. I think the professor in that class doesn't like me too much. Actually, perhaps indifference is a better way to put it. I think he's indifferent towards me. Also, the class sucks because all we do is talk about some silly essays. I'm NOT learning a thing in that class. But as a friend pointed out, college is not really about learning. This class, and the other one I've been mentioning a lot lately both suck. But this isn't about caring right now, it's about just getting through this. I told you this was going to be my lost semester.

(10:56 p.m.) So that job finally called me back. There seemed to be some mix-up with the paperwork. But that's been fixed so I'll probably be starting some time next week. Just in time too, because I don't have a dime to my name and the bills are really piling up. Course the hard part is going to come in juggling 15 units and a job. Still, I felt so great when I heard the news about the job.

And last but not least today's picture of the day entitled "Neon Ice Cream."

End Communication.

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