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New job, new start, new drive -- 02.20.06
(2:53 p.m.) It's official, I start my new job on Friday. It's an early start, 6 a.m., which means a super early wake-up call for me on Friday. But the good thing is that I'll have the rest of the day to myself. Well, not entirely since I will have a bunch of homework by then.

As I write this sentence I'm sitting in the Sierra center at school. I really can't think of things to say right now because a really cute girl just sat a few feet in front of me. Shit, I told myself I wasn't going to do that shit anymore and here I am doing it again. OK, OK, time to reset and not look at the cute girl in the seat a few feet in front of me.

(10:51 p.m.) A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders today. A classmate that I did wrong by talked to me. I feel this means that I'm partially forgiven for my wrong doing. I still don't blame her for disliking me, what I did was pretty damn stupid. But I'm glad that it's somewhat left behind.

I haven't even started the new job and I'm already spending the money I expect to be making. I bought an external hard drive on Amazon tonight because my computer has quite literally run out of space. I have a 40 GB hard drive on my computer, split into two drives, and I only have about 1.5 GB left open in drive C, and 4 GB in drive D. That's not nearly enough to do anything especially since I take a million pictures a week. I made a promise to take more pictures but without the space to store them I might as well just stop taking pictures.

Speaking of pictures I have a picture to show you.

I know, not very good composition huh. Now you're probably asking yourself, why did I post this picture. I'm posting it because it's of this girl that I'm developing a crush on. It's absolutely crazy because I can't really pinpoint why I'm finding myself attracted to this girl. All I know is that I'm finding it hard to not stare at her during class. ARGH! It's so frustrating when my hormones betray me and cause me to like someone for no apparent reason. Then again, let me take a moment to see why I might be attracted to this girl. I can't honestly say that she's the most beautiful girl in the world. Wait, does that fall under why I am attracted to her? Not really. OK, so I did like her hair the first time I saw her. OK, let me just cut to the chase, because I can already tell where my mind is going. I'm thinking that despite the fact that she isn't super ultra gorgeous that I must think, subconsciously or something, that she is pretty.

The pathetic part is that I haven't even talked to her. I told myself I wouldn't take any extra-ordinary measures to talk to any girl this semester. But now these silly feelings for this girl are making me wonder if it's worth breaking this promise in order to get shot down. Probably not, but we shall see. Anyway, I'm falling asleep here.
End Communication.

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