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Click goes my brain -- 02.21.06
(3:32 p.m.) I'm fresh out of class and I'm waiting for the traffic in the parking structure to let up a little. I hate waiting in a long line of cars. If I'm going to end up waiting I might as well just wait until it thins out a little bit. That's my logic anyway. As I said I'm fresh out of class. The last class of the day, today anyway, is English 465. The class is "taught" in the Socratic Method. If you don't know what that is it's basically a class in which ideas are talked about in a back and forth nature rather than lectured.

It's crazy because today I heard a click that basically means my brain turned off. I think that the click was a defensive move. The last time I felt this bad about a class was a photo class with a bastard named Don Battle. That fucking son-of-a-bitch literally made me hate photography. It took a couple of years to get over the trauma that class caused me. Sadly I'm feeling the same way about this class because of the constant talking about writing. To me talking about someone's writing can either be great or absolutely horrible. In this case it's horrible because it feels like someone is talking to you about ice cream but you don't get to taste it. Over and over again two days a week I go into that class and instead of writing we talk about writing. It's like kissing your sister. I honestly don't want to talk about my writing until I'm an old man and I'm sitting in some easy chair reminiscing about those grand old days when I could write a story standing on my head while whistling The Emperor's March from "The Empire Strikes Back."

In short my brain has basically tuned out in this class because I rather spend that time writing something. If this class was me writing an essay every other day I would be loving it. But it's not, so I'm just going to put myself in cruise control and hope for the best. Damn mother-fucking participation grade, I'd like to knock the bloody hell out of it.

(7:16 p.m.) Ahhhh... back home and satiated after dinner. American Idol is tonight and I'm super glad. I need something to just get me away from today.

(9:35 p.m.) Idol isn't over yet, but I just wanted to sit down and do a little journaling before the commercial ends. The previous picture is my dashboard. Make note of the "Stop Lamp" warning in the upper right hand corner, and the only 1/3 of a tank left. I've tried to fix the stop lamp, and I did for like five minutes. I gave up on it and so every time I hit the brakes that warning light comes on. And the tank hovering over empty is normal these days. It's a rare sight to see the needle anywhere near full. Thanks a lot you bastard oil companies. Don't think I've forgotten that you (the oil companies) had RECORD profits this past year. Meanwhile I'm driving on fumes most of the time because I can't fill up my tank.

(10:00 p.m.) Anyway, I have to wake up early tomorrow because I have to go to this training thing for my new job. I'll tell you how it went.
End Communication.

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