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It's my first day -- 02.25.06
(10:18 p.m. Friday) OK, I'm nearly falling asleep as I write this but I do what to put a few thoughts on virtual paper before I go to sleep. Today was my first day at the new job. It sucked, but it was kinda OK at the same time. All right, twist my arm I'll tell you the truth. It really sucked. LOL It's not like this is a tough job, it's not. It's certainly not a very mentally challenging job. Mentally trying yes, but not mentally challenging. That's OK, I'm not there for stimulating conversation. What sucks the most is having to get up at a stupid early time. Man, I would be so much more the dynamo if they let me sleep until the sun came out at least. But no, bright and early at 4 a.m. I was up and taking my morning shower. I took my shower, ate a couple of Gogurts and then went off to work. I was a little early, but who's counting right? A few things were strange right off the bat. Firstly it didn't seem that anyone knew that I was supposed to be there. I don't know how these companies figure out if someone should be there or not. It's funny, I could be some guy faking the whole thing.

OK, so dark and early I pulled my car into a parking spot when a few minutes later the sprinklers went off and I moved my car because the walls water was splashing under my front bumper. When I moved the car I hear this sound and boom, suddenly a bunch of water is flying out of the broken sprinkler head. I quickly moved the car to another parking spot, less anyone think I did it. Which I did, but that's beside the point.

I tell you, it's amazing how 10 minutes can either go by super slow, or super fast. My 10 minute breaks seemed more like five minutes. Here's me taking my morning break.

Do you see the joy in my eyes? Do you see the glory in my eyes? You can definitely see the fact that what I have come to dread the most is the word "Both," or "paper in plastic." Man, that shit sucks SOOO much.

(8:57 p.m. Saturday) OK, I so didn't get a chance to finish up this entry last night because I was literally passing out. I didn't think I was that tired but then I started to notice that the words on the screen were kinda moving around. Not good. So let me finish up what happened yesterday and add the things that happened today.

So after work yesterday I was going to go home and get some food in my belly but then I wanted to treat myself to something special. For all my special occasions I go to Tommy's. Years ago when I was on death's door and didn't eat for a week, and nearly had my kidney's shut down I promised myself that as soon as I got well that I would go to Tommy's. That meal was one of the best meals I've ever had. Yesterday's was pretty close to that.

A little while back I hung out with a couple of friend. We went to this place in Santa Monica to eat this supposed best burger in Los Angeles. It was pretty good, but yesterday's double cheeseburger with no pickles or tomatoes I had was MUCH better. Oh man, Tommy's does have the best burger.

So right now I'm going to try and do some homework before bed. I told my boss that I don't think I'll be able to work on Wednesdays. They had me signed up for those days, but after two days I realize that there is no way that I'll have any kinda of time for my homework. I have a book to read, a bunch of articles also to read, a midterm to study for, and a poem to finish writing by Monday. Also, I have a ton of magazines to look over (below).

J/K, I could care less about those magazines. Still, it just shows you how little time I've had. I have to pretty much finish this sentence and get going and do my homework. I'll probably wake up early tomorrow in order to catch up with the homework I was supposed to do earlier today.

Oh snap, I did want to bring up that I had some celebrity sightings. Living where I live in Los Angeles I'm always running into celebs, but now I'm seeing them more often. I helped this one celeb that I used to watch on a TV show, and drool. She was so gorgeous and I helped her with her groceries today. I've run into her before, but this time I got to TALK to her. LOL I know, how silly huh.
End Communication.

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