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Work/Theories of Fiction suck! -- 03.03.06
So I'm settling into a semi-nice groove at work now. It's the start of my second week and things are getting a little more familiar. I still haven't gotten the whole clocking in and out concept. Past jobs didn't have me do that with ID numbers and such. It was basically on the honor system. Now I'm punching in and sometimes working longer than I was supposed to. Like today I went 20 minutes over. Duh me, but I don't care about a few minutes here or there though. I'm not one to clock watch and say something like, "You owe me for those 20 seconds of overtime!" I hate that kind of shit, and even though I'm working my fingers to the bone I refuse to be like that.

There's nothing to report on the social calendar. I'm basically doing the school thing during the week and then doing the work thing on the weekends. It's a sucky job really, but I need to get my head above water. I'm going to continue to look for another job, but it's nice to have a couple of bucks come my way.

I had them cut my days though, because they had me scheduled on Mondays, which I have class on, and also on Wednesdays. I didn't want to give up Wednesdays, but I'm already falling back on my classes. I have a couple of tests next week, and I so don't want to fail them on account of me not studying. Looks like that five aces dream of mine is pretty much out of the picture. Sucks!

I'm still hating one of my classes though. It's the same one I've been bitching about for the last couple of weeks, some dump class called Theories of Fiction. Which really should be called, "sit down and have a talk about stupid shit with some people you don't know." This class is basically like going to a coffee bar and listening to the pseudo intellectuals argue with the occasional stranger who offers a differing opinion. That's not a class so much as it's something that happens while you're minding your own business. I can't believe I paid for this shit! I'm simply trying to survive and keep my head above water. OMG, I hope this doesn't wear me down like it did last semester. If you don't remember I was feeling pretty blue by last November. I mean I literally thought that I was depressed, and thought about going to see a counselor or failing that a shrink. Whatever came first I suppose. Thankfully I don't feel that way now. But what if in the future I start to feel really down like that? I'm not going to worry about something I can't change, or that hasn't happened yet. What's the use in that?

Still, this class does suck. I have a classmate that pretty much agrees with me that the class sucks. I tried to talk to another classmate but she seems to love the class, despite the fact that she doesn't say a thing. I know why I'm not saying a thing, I'm bored to death. But why hasn't she said anything? I'm usually more interested in this one particular girls fashion sense. So many girls can't dress themselves these days. They think they should wear hip huggers when they don't have hips, and pink just because someone told them that pink is the new black. OK, so if someone told you jumping off a bridge was the new black would you jump? Probably. Either way, this girl has yet to look bad. Each of her outfits are really nice, and show a fashion sense that doesn't overlook everything. I'm going to talk to her the next time I see her and tell her how I really love her outfits. She's pretty cute herself, so I don't think that's hurting her whole look either. LOL

Speaking of women, there's this girl that I'm starting to have some stupid thoughts about. I quite literally dreamed about her the other day. ARGH! It's so stupid too because I don't see us as being that compatible. I mean we get along well, but I don't see her saying yes to going out with me. Still, I suppose there's no harm in asking. Except I would be breaking with my self-imposed moratorium on women and any thought of a relationship. What I might end up asking myself is the question "is this girl worth breaking the moratorium for?" I might be inclined to say yes. ARGH! The hell with it, I'm not going to ask her out no way no how. I can't deal with that right now.

On a totally different subject I want to rant about something silly I see when I drive on the freeway. A few years ago the state installed some of these message signs on the freeway. It's pretty useless because there aren't enough of them to really cover an area as large as Los Angeles. The following is an example of one of these signs.

I took this picture while speeding down the 101 from the library. For the longest time these signs would basically be dark, until someone had the bright idea to put random messages on them. Now that might seem a good idea in theory, but the reality is that these signs often make things worse. One time I was coming home from Santa Monica and thought that the traffic was outrageous, even for the 405. All of a sudden there was a point when I looked up and the freeway was nearly all clear, and right above was one of these lit signs. The connection was clear; the traffic that busted my hump from Pico to nearly Mulholland was caused by the stupid message sign saying that there was an accident on the 5 freeway somewhere in Santa Ana. Sure, tell me that when I'm traveling NORTH and the problem would only affect me if I was some 30 miles to the South East on an entirely different freeway. But in a sense that accident on the 5 did cause me to be in traffic because all the dumb drivers on the 405 were slowing down to read what was on the sign. So when I see these signs lit I can only think that there's someone at CalTrans having fun watching his traffic sensors turn read on one side of these signs while they stay bright green on the other. Bastards!

OK, time for a picture of the day. Actually, how about a few pictures of the day, since I haven't update in a while.

Umbrellas and Sky

The Duck Blind

Bulletin Board


Palm Trees and Clouds

I see the figure 4 in Red

End Communication.

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