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Despite all this shit... -- 03.24.06
I'm falling behind in my studies, I had to pay $500 in car repairs yesterday, and I hate the potential of this job to make me bitter. Yet, despite all of this I'm still sitting here thinking, excuse me knowing that life is good.

(5:13 p.m.) Today one of the managers told me to cut down the talking between me and another co-worker. Man, it's so funny how each time they say something to supposedly improve me as an employee only makes me want to work less hard. I busted my hump the first three weeks on this job, but now I'm just going to do what everyone else does... cruise. Fuck everyone there, and fuck the customers. I tell you there are some fucked up people in the world that think they're SO great. But you know what? They're usually the biggest piece of shits. When someone is a jerk I take extra long to bag their groceries. Basically I'm going to start a campaign of civil disobedience in the checkout aisle. So if you know me, and you show up to my store, and I bag your groceries a little slower than normal you'll know why.

This week has just been hell, but yes I still think life is good. Still won't stop me from bitching about the stupid things going on. Tuesday I wasn't feeling well so I skipped my last class, my stupid Theories of Fiction class. Which you already know, if you read this journal on a regular basis, that I HATE this class. It's a totally throwaway class. But for some reason I couldn't get out of the stupid parking structure.

It took me over 30 minutes to get out of the structure, but I loved missing the class. Then Wednesday my car overheated and it cost me $500 to get it fixed. :( Just when I'm paying down some of my debt something else comes along to fuck everything up.

I'm SO SLEEPY right now. I want Spring Break to come along quick so that I can catch up with some homework and get out of my house and have some fun. I have plans for this Spring Break.

One thing I want to do is go to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Another plan is to go to South Pasadena and this place called the Fair Oaks pharmacy, which has an old-fashioned soda fountain. I want to also visit a museum, but I don't know which one. Wait, yes I do. I want to also check out the California Science center, that has an exhibit about the science behind comic book super heros. It looks pretty cool, even though that Bodyworks thing that came into two a couple of years ago sucked. To be fair Bodyworks sucked because of the multitude of people, not the exhibit itself.

The other day I was looking across the parking structure to one of the buildings on campus. I noticed that it seemed like there was some offices on the roof of the building. I thought that it might be a cool place to hang out that's away from everyone, because I love to spend time by myself even surrounded by people. So yesterday I went up to the 4th floor and found the door to this roof area.

The picture above is the view from the roof of this building. OMG, it's so cool up there because there's no one up there to bother me during my dinner break between two horrible classes. There are only a couple of people I would potentially share the location of this secluded place.

I just checked, it's only 16 days until Spring Break! On a totally different subject today's picture of the day is entitled "Clouds over the Valley."

OK, I need to get some dinner and then get to bed early because tomorrow is going to be a long day. I have work at six in the morning, and then I have to rush to the central library downtown to do get my poetry midterm done.
End Communication.

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