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I'm passing out -- 04.06.06
One of my professors told the class the other day that he's not going to teach at CSUN anymore. He's going to another college out of state. (Insert sarcastic clap here) Too bad he didn't move before my semester in his class. Yes, I still hate his waste of time class. It's a complete waste of time. The other day I got an assignment back that I basically bullshitted my way through. Of course I didn't do a great job on it, but ask me if I care. I shouldn't have dreamed of getting a 4.0 GPA this semester because I think I jinxed myself. I'm taking two super awful classes this semester, as I've been bitching about for the last few weeks. What sucks is that we have another stupid assignment due after Spring Break, which is next week. What a fucking jackass. This is typical of this mother-fucking bastard to give us some stupid assignment during Spring Break. I gave this guy's class a second chance, honestly I did. I so wanted this class to turn around and become something that it hasn't been, interesting. But my willingness was met with nothing but aimless readings and inane discussions of said readings. So once again I'm in the pits when it comes to this stupid English 465 class. There will be exactly six weeks left in the semester after Spring Break is over. I'm going to have to really buckle down in order to make that last push towards good grades in this English 465 class, and my just as pointless English 369 class.

So the other day I needed to get some gasoline. The prices have been creeping up over the last couple of weeks. All of a sudden the price is hovering around $3 a gallon again and no one is saying anything about it. Notice how last year there were like a million stories on the news about the prices going up to record amounts? Well this year they're past those amounts and I don't see the news carrying on about it. The local news should report this every other minute, and add that last year two of the major oil companies recorded RECORD profits. RECORD PROFITS! I think Exxon (maybe it was Shell I can't remember which) had the BIGGEST profit for any company in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Meanwhile look at the price I paid for middle grade last week.

$2.91! a gallon! I'm glad I don't drive that much these days. Still, the price of regular is probably going to be over, or close to, $3 a gallon by the end of April. My question is when did we accept record prices while oil companies are making record profits? This is clearly a case of the oil companies price gouging. But what can we do? We have to drive, we have to pay whatever they force us to pay because we have no alternative.

The other day at work I found this product that someone left after not having the cash to pay for it. Take a gander at "Smooth Move" herbal stimulant laxative.

So if you ever need a smooth movement get "Smooth Move" brand herbal stimulant laxative. Trust "Smooth Move" for a smooth move. LOL

Speaking of smooth moves, I think there are too many idiots that don't deserve to drive. I see it so often it's not even funny. I don't always take pictures of the bad parking jobs I see, but this one I had to take because it wasn't one driver that parked badly, but two drivers side by side that can't drive their cars.

My Dad is in the hospital right now. I called him up today and he's doing much better. I visited him on Monday in the ICU, which right away made me think back to when my Grandmother was in the ICU last year. They basically sent her there to spend her last hours on Earth. OMG the thought of that moment is such a heart wrenching memory. Those last hours I was so ready to burst out in tears, punch the wall until I broke every bone in my hands, and basically die. None of those things happened, but that doesn't mean I don't feel that way something when I think of those moments. Thankfully my Father is not that ill, but certainly the initials ICU made me wonder a little.

I need to get some sleep; I have an early start tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to Monday and the start of Spring Break for me. If I didn't have work tomorrow Spring Break would be tomorrow. Oh well, I need the cash.

Before I go I have today's picture of the day, which is entitled "Green Jacket."

End Communication.

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