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These go to Eleven -- 04.09.06
(6:37 a.m.) I've pretty much reached the breaking point with this job of mine. The hours I spend there are going faster these days, but waking up super early is causing me to lose lucidity. Saturday evening I was sitting in front of the computer while listening to the radio and the next thing I know I'm waking up after falling asleep in my chair. Worse thing is that I didn't get anything done yesterday. I cleaned up my room a little but that isn't really so great. OK, it's 10 minutes to 7 and I have to go.

(5:28 p.m.) Back from work now and I'm completely exhausted. I'm pretty much out of it today. I think I nearly passed out during my first break time. I was kinda thinking of calling in sick tomorrow, but I need the cash right now. Sanity is just a great song away anyway. Right now the prescription is some old 10,000 maniacs. I LOVE Natalie Merchant's voice. And right now it's blasting from my stereo. No one else is home hence me being able to crank it up to 11. Cause my speakers go up to 11. Bose, what would I ever do without your incredible speakers?

(6:01 p.m.) I'm so full of Cherry Vanilla Coke right now. I got home and drank about a 3/4ths of a liter. I'll probably polish off the other 1/4th in a few minutes. OK, so now my iPod has decided that AC/DC is going to be blasting from my stereo. I'm OK with that.

Talk about in the money, my ING account is so paying for itself. Check out THESE numbers.

Interest Paid in 2005: $6.64
Interest Earned This Month: $0.12
Interest Paid Year to Date: $1.11

Hell piss yeah, I've made $1.11 since January 1st and 12 this month ALONE. Pretty soon I'll be lighting my cigars with dollar bills... and pretty soon after that I'll start coughing up a lung.

So now my iPod has decided that Louis Armstrong is a good choice. I tell you there are times when I think my iPod is connected to my brain because it knows exactly what songs to play for my current mood, whatever that mood might be. You can tell me, did Apple implant a microchip in my brain to read my thoughts and feelings? Not likely, but that's probably what happened when I bought my iPod.

OK this thing with my little infatuation with one of my classmates continues to play in the playground of my mind. Right now my infatuation is doing flips on the jungle gym. Hence I find I can't ignore it easily.

(10:45 p.m.) As if I didn't love my Tivo enough already I turned it on when I got home today and found this message saying that they added a new feature to the service. This new service is basically like the recycling bin on Windows. You know how you when you delete something it doesn't really delete it from the computer. You basically put it into the recycling bin and from there you delete it (though even then it's not completely off your system). Well now Tivo has a recycling bin of sorts that keeps "recently deleted shows." NICE! This is a good thing because I haven't had the time to watch but a few of my favorite shows. I have like four episodes of "Lost" and "Veronica Mars." Yes I watch Veronica Mars, so sue me. I think I'm the only one that's watching considering the show's ratings. Dammit, watch the show... its GOOD! Ah forget it, I know you all won't watch it.

This morning I stepped on the scale and found that I've lost about seven pounds in the last few weeks. Honestly I haven't been eating well since my Aunt went to Mexico a couple of weeks ago. That's the main reason why I haven't eaten. When I get home I usually eat something simple, or I have something from a fast food joint. Today I went and got one of those $6 burgers from Carl's. It was basically the only thing I had to eat today. I had a stupid little corn dog and horrible mac and cheese at work, but I didn't have anything for breakfast or for dinner. When I woke up I basically skipped breakfast. Thursday I had a tiny breakfast and then had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch topping the day off with a burrito from Chipotle.

Losing a few pounds isn't such a bad thing really, but even I'm starting to wonder what the deal is with me and food. I seem to have some issues with food. Anyway I'm sleepy now so I best get some sleep. One more horrible day at work and then I can enjoy my Spring Break.
End communication.

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