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Just pile it on -- 04.26.06
I wish I could skip this stupid week. It has been one of the most frustrating weeks in recent memory. Today I found out that my car will need a new engine. Great, like I have the cash for that! I talked to my Dad on the phone today. He's in Mexico getting medical treatment because he doesn't have health insurance. He left last Thursday and has been getting treatment since then. He sounded a little better on the phone today, but at the same time he sounded worse. Last week I saw him in a way I've never seen him before, weak.

I remember years ago when my mother was still alive she said to me that one day my father would be as sick as he is now, and that he would reach out to me like never before. Well it happened today. You know, the two of us have had a strained, often indifferent on my part, relationship. But still, the last few years he's been a good Father to me. He was there when my Mother passed away, and when my Grandmother passed away, the single most difficult moments of my life. He's tried to reach out to me, though I think is attempts have suffered from just not knowing how to bridge the gap at times and open up. That's really what it takes you know, a breaking down of personal barriers. I've tried to do it for my part, but things like this are two way streets. The relationship works only if both sides are trying and vying for the same goal. So the tone in my Father's voice today spoke to me of his fear of dying. It's a fear we all have to face, but one that I've made peace with. I know he'll get better, but if he doesn't I don't want him to worry about what he leaves behind. Sadly so many people do because they haven't let go of everything while they're living. But that's another story, and one that I rather not talk about right now.

So on top of my car needing a new engine, which will easily set me back over a grand, gasoline prices keep going up. I'm taking the bus more often these days, but the reality is I can't take the bus everywhere I want to go. I've lived that life as a child and driving around and having the option of taking the bus is way better. But anyway the point of this paragraph is to set up a couple of pictures I took over the last week and a half. The first picture shows the price for regular unleaded, $2.93 a gallon.

4/17 - price of gasoline $2.93

This second picture shows the price of that same gallon of gas costing 24 cents more one week later.

4/25 - price of gasoline $3.17

This is totally and completely insane. What's worse is that I was watching the news the other day and they reported that despite the increase in price people are still driving more than ever. If people would just drive less, or have cars that don't get eight miles to the gallon, the prices would go down. It's all a matter of supply and demand. Worse yet it's also a matter of price gouging by the oil companies. I wouldn't say that if Shell and Exxon didn't post huge profits last year (actually the both posted the biggest profits in history). It's all a matter of avariciousness on the part of the oil companies.

OK, how about a little break from the serious talk with today's picture of the day? I'll talk that as a yes. Today's picture of the day is entitled "Abandoned Barbie."

OK, next on the agenda are a couple of silly things I saw recently. The first is this guy that was wearing one of the stupidest shirts I've ever seen on a person.

You probably make out the word "Sex" on the shirt, but not the rest of what's on the t-shirt. I saw this guy twice while shopping the other day, so I remember what his stupid shirt said. The writing said, "California Sex Instructor, first lesson free." Now I'm posting this picture for all you women out there who are moving to Los Angeles, or are visiting, so that you know the face of the official California sex instructor. Wait a minute, I should wear this... wait a minute again, I was making fun of this guy and now I'm not? Time to move on to the next picture.

I went to the Getty last week because my Aunt had never been, and she wanted to see the French furniture collection. On our visit to the Getty Villa in Malibu she commented about the absence of said furniture. Turns out they moved that part of the Getty collection to the Getty Center. Anyway, this explanation is getting long. One of the pieces of furniture that I found fascinating is the following.

Now isn't that a beautiful piece of furniture? Now can you guess what this piece of furniture was used for? Come on, take a guess. OK, I can see you're not going to guess so I'll just tell you that this piece of furniture is a commode... basically a chamber pot, aka a toilet.

I went to drop off some things at the Goodwill up the street when upon driving up I see this idiot has parked his truck across THREE parking spots, one of them handicap.

Meanwhile half of my car is sticking out into the street because there's a truck blocking my way to the back of the building. When I went inside and dropped off the donation I asked the guy who the hell parked his truck outside. He told me it was for the business next door, and that he parked it that way because of the truck picking up a load of donations. Well that's all fine and well, but why did this idiot have to take up all THREE of the spots in front of the store? It's just this entitled feeling that people have. Is it my fault that he drives a car the size of a tank? I shouldn't have to suffer from this driver's stupidity, but of course that's how it is when someone imposes their feelings of entitlement upon the world. Those of us that don't go around thinking the world owes us something have to get screwed by those that think they're some sort of gift to the world. I know the driver of this monstrously stupid truck won't read what I'm about to type, but I just want to tell you that you're a huge piece of shit. Yeah, you're a huge dump someone took and left in the toilet.

OK, last picture of the night. I took the following picture while driving on Van Nuys Blvd to pick up my Aunt from work.

Let me explain. The place is something called the Los Angeles Wedding Chapel. What I found funny were the neon signs outside announcing not only immediate weddings, but also immediate divorces. Talk about your one stop shop for all your marital needs. You can get married in the morning and file for divorce before dinner. Now that's convenient.

Anyway, it's getting late and I have a long day at school tomorrow. Thankfully I don't have to go to that stupid class I hate. Sadly I will have to go to the other class I hate. Oh well.
End Communication.

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