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Karmic slide -- 04.29.06
Well it looks like the forces of karmic realignment have once again turned against your buddy Eric. I was expecting a money order to show up earlier this week and I'm thinking that it was lost in the mail. So now I'm totally fucked because I was counting on that money to keep me two steps ahead of my creditors. Oh well, I guess I'll have to settle for only being one step ahead of them.

(6:27 a.m.) I just had "breakfast," which consisted of a chocolate donut and some iced tea. I woke up hungry but then there's nothing that I find appetizing so I didn't eat anything but that donut I just mentioned. I'm minutes away from going to work and I'm super sleepy. I went to sleep late and I only got a few hours sleep. I figured this might be better since lately when I make the attempt to get more sleep I end up feeling sleepier during the day. The one day I only got about four hours of sleep last week I actually got through the days without a single yawn. Strange. Actually someone told me that the body gets into some sort of sleep malaise if you sleep longer.

(8:37 p.m.) I'm moments away from getting some dinner before I veg out. One of my co-workers asked me to hang out at a local bar, but man I have some stupid homework to do. I should really do it, don't you think?

(10:41 p.m.) I spoke to my Dad on the phone today. He says he's feeling a little better, but really he's not all that well just yet. It's going to be a while before he feels well again. Time will tell I suppose.

A couple of weeks ago I opened a new checking account at this bank at work. The employees there probably needed to fulfill some quota for the month so they asked if I wanted to open an account. I hesitated but then they said they would give me $10 and a coupon to use at Baja Fresh. Now I ask you, how could I pass that up? Today I finally went and redeemed my coupon for a free burrito at Baja Fresh and I have to say it's most likely the last time I ever eat there. I tell you the food there is insipid. It has absolutely NO taste what so ever. After eating the burrito I was like, "Damn, that had absolutely no taste to it." Then I got this crazy idea to open a restaurant with some authentic Mexican food, and not that stuff that people think is Mexican but is really Tex-Mex. Folks, in Mexico there are no such things as: burritos, chimichangas, fajitas, or anything on the Taco Bell menu. My Grandmother used to tell me that if she wasn't so old she would have started a restaurant with authentic Mexican food. OMG, if she had I tell you she would have made a fortune because, ask any of my friends that she feed over the years, she could sure cook. So yeah Baja Fresh, your food might be fresh and not come out of a can, or some shit like that, but it's also insipid.

What is it about some people that they don't notice the obvious? Case in point dandruff, or something akin to that. Last month bus and this guy standing in front of me had all these little nasty pieces of white stuff coming of his head. It's making me sick just thinking about it. The pieces were like clumps of grated Parmesan cheese. It was real sick. We'll, there's a guy at work that has those same clumps of white stuff all up in head. How does one go around not noticing that stuff on the pillow or something? Some guy at school was walking around with a bunch of Parmesan cheese on his shirt. Again, what are these people thinking?

To Grafia, congratulations on the honorable mention and the $25. I'm falling asleep now, so it's time to end this communication.

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