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In need of rejuvenation -- 05.08.06
Work felt super long yesterday (Sunday) for some reason. Friday and Saturday flew by, but I guess the cosmic engine had to even things out and slowed Sunday to a crawl. ARGH! The only good thing that happened at work yesterday was that my favorite customer (Stacy) came into the store. It afforded me another chance to flirt with her. There are prettier girls that come into the store, younger too, but Stacy has a combination that draws me to her more than any other person I've met at work. Too bad I don't have a chance to see her more often. Two weeks since the last time because, as she said, she was out of town due to her job. I wonder what she does. OH, and the ring she wore didn't look much like a wedding ring, like Matt from work said it was. Hmmm, I wonder.

So yeah, Sunday felt like it went on forever. I bought a bottle of Manischewitz last night, came home, and drank about half the bottle with a little dinner. I then started to write this entry but with the food, the wine, and the length of the day I was passing out by midnight.

There's this crazy lady that comes into the store and spends like two hours shopping for five items (pictured below).

Last week she came in and made a big scene saying that one of the checkers "stole" something out of her purse. Meanwhile she spends like a million years going through her purse while in the checkout aisle. No one even has a chance to look at her purse let alone go through it. What a wacko!

I was thinking about something the other day. You ever wonder why humans have a need to connect to some one through the ether? What is it that compels us to want to connect with someone? What is it that makes us try even though there's a better than good chance that you're going to get the shit end of the stick? I don't know either. But don't worry, when it comes to certain individuals I have finally gotten the clue... You don't want to talk to me. My attempt to reach out isn't welcomed, so I won't try anymore OK. Message received, you think I'm a douche-bag. Thanks for letting me know in the old classic "silent treatment" style.

Moving on, yet again, to a different subject -- like the old song goes, "I've got it bad and that ain't good." I'm going to just say that I shouldn't have looked into Any Wonderland's eyes this past Thursday because I melted when I did. *MELT* And now I'm melting but I don't want to melt. I don't want to but another part of me never wants to be reconstituted. Now I have to wonder if I should stick my neck out, especially after the whole 'why are we compelled to connect with someone?' debate in my head.

Time to take a shower because I need to get started with this day. Oy, I just got up and felt sore.

(11:46 a.m.) Back from the shower, and I'm feeling much better now. Oh man, that reminds me I have to go to the bank today. I get paid on Fridays but then I often don't have time to cash the check during my lunch hour so I just wait until Monday to go to the bank. But then I'm in this limbo when I have some potential money in my pocket but not really because it's in the form of a check.

This weekend I was able to use my cousin's computer to transfer some pictures I had on CD to my external hard drive. There was no way for me to access these files because my CD-rom drive is busted and for some reason won't read certain discs. What's fucked up is that I can't get one of the CD's to work, and it represents some of the first pictures I took with my new camera. But at least I didn't lose everyone of my old photos.

Speaking of old pictures I found the following picture, which was the 51st picture I took with my old 2.1 digital camera.

Awww, right? That's Daisy Duck and Chickie taken August 9th, 2001. It's strange I've taken nearly 8,000 pictures with that old digital camera, and about 14,000 with the new digital camera. Now that's A LOT of pictures if you ask me. Especially if you consider that I got the new digital camera in May of 2004.

My first digital camera allowed me to love photography again. That's why I still use it even though I have a much nicer camera now. That old 2.1 megapixel camera reignited my love of photography and why I got into it in the first place. I'd like to say what photography means to me, but I'll have to write about that another time. Right now I have to get going to class.
End Communication.

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